I Am on Channel 4 massive therapy session as true stories bring cast to tears


I Am is a female-led anthology series about different women’s stories and how they cope with particular real-life challenges. The Channel 4 series created quite a buzz after the first season, earning various award nominations and high-praise in reviews. Now I Am is back with another season which is expected to once again pull at the heartstrings.

I Am season two will start tonight, Thursday, August 5, on Channel 4 at 9pm.

The first episode is called I Am Victoria and will star Scott and Bailey and Doctor Foster actress Suranne Jones.

Her story is going to be about a working mum who is struggling to cope with the little obstacles of everyday life which becomes a massive problem for her mental health.

While the stories are fictional to an extent, the heart of each one comes from the lives of both the leading actress and director Savage. 

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I Am is created through long conversations with both Savage and the stars of each episode.

There are elements of each story that come from their own lives, mixed in with fictional details to create the plots.

Opening up to Express.co.uk, Savage reminisced about a scene that has stuck with him.

He explained: “I think when you’re making a drama, because it’s pretend, once you do that, it’s about making the

performance believable but it doesn’t have that same resonance for everyone.”

Savage continued: “I remember this distinctly, there was a scene in the previous series with Samantha Morton which was really really difficult to shoot.

“And it’s a scene where she’s crying so it’s a scene of meaning to her.

“I’m in the room and the camera operator and I notice the camera shaking and I’m starting to cry and he’s crying as well.

“It was just so moving and you just don’t get that normally, to be affected, because you know it’s real, these actors are going through something real for them.”  

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While each episode can be draining on both cast and crew, it also can be a therapeutic process.

“I think the big thing is the actual making of it because it means so much to both of us,” Savage added.

“By the time we get to shoot, we’re great friends, I’ve been in the process of writing it for them and we’re talking all the way through that.

“It’s a journey in itself, the actual making of these pieces, it’s like a massive therapy session as well, exploring stuff that we deeply care about.

“There are times when you finish a take and you’re in tears just because of the power of it and the meaning of it and often they are and often after each take, we kind of have to reset.”

There will be three episodes in the second series of I Am on Channel 4.

The second episode will star Black Panther actress Letitia Wright, while the finale will be led by Grown-Ups star Lesley Manville.

But what will each woman face and how is she going to try and overcome these personal challenges?

I Am season 2 starts tonight, Thursday, August 5, at 9pm on Channel 4.

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