‘I need advice!’ Holly Willoughby pleads for coronavirus advice for children

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed psychologist Laverne Antrobus onto This Morning earlier today to discuss the impact the coronavirus pandemic could have on our mental health. As the presenters urged viewers to get in touch, Holly shared her own fears concerning her young children.

On the ITV show, Holly and Phillip welcomed a host of guests to offer advice on how viewers can manage their mental health while self-isolating.

This included a dedicated phone-in segment, where viewers were encouraged to share their concerns to Laverne.

After interviewing the psychologist, Phillip said: “Laverne is going to stay on for our phone in a little bit later on in the show, it’s going to be about coronavirus related anxiety.”

Phillip then urged any viewers watching who are feeling “worried and anxious” to get in touch.

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“It normally says you should be 18 or over,” he added. “But, you know, if you are younger…

“There’s no controversy in this, if you are younger and you’re anxious and you’re at home, give us a call as well, make sure to get permission to call.”

Holly admitted she had her own concerns about the outbreak and the information she should be giving her children. 

“I mean, I would definitely like some advice on how to talk to younger kids about this,” Holly remarked.

“Because they’re around all the time now and there’s lots of questions coming through, I know they are in my house too.”

During the phone-in, Phillip made a point of declaring that these were uncertain times and that most households have a lot of questions. 

When an expectant mother called in, Phillip revealed how he has been trying to stay away from uncertain information as much as possible. 

Phillip began: “Once we’ve finished here, I try to limit my news intake as much as possible because it can actually drive you down.”

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“You think, ‘I can’t listen to anymore,’” he added. “However, there have been unreputable news channel, there have been stories of babies that have had a mild temperature, that have recovered.

“Mums, not in the danger group, mums, healthy new mums, this is not something for them to get overly anguished about. 

“Certainly the opinion at the moment would appear that it’s a very, very mild illness.”

Later, he continued: “The trouble is with our phone-ins, there are usually quite clear areas of advice.


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“You can say, ‘I think this the thing that’s probably going to help you,’ with something like this we don’t know what May’s going to look like.

“We don’t know what June’s going to look like, you don’t know whether the venue for you wedding or holiday is going to be open. 

“You just don’t know so you’ve got to control your own head because you can’t control the outside.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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