Inside Dani Dyer's 1422 calorie-a-day post-baby diet as she drops a stone six months after giving birth to Santiago

DANI Dyer has revealed exactly what she eats in a day as she's trying to be healthy and cut down on treats after welcoming her first baby.

The former Love Island winner, 24, gave birth to her son Santiago in January and has already lost a stone.

Dani previously admitted it felt "horrible when none of your clothes fit" and her body may "never go back to normal" after giving birth.

But now she's found a healthy eating plan – and calorie deficit – that works for her.

Dani admits that "all my days are different" but totalled approximately 1,422 calories on this particular Monday and also made it to the gym for a work out.

"All my days are different, on the weekend I do probably eat more than I eat in the week to be honest," she told her fans on YouTube.

Dani Dyer’s daily diet

Breakfast: Oat so Simple porridge and milk – 180 cals

Lunch: Tuna salad and pickled beetroot – 187 cals

Snack: Pineapple – 50 calories

Snack: Snack a Jacks – 41 cals

Dinner: Zizzi's Casareccia Pollo Picante pasta – 964 cals

"In the week I'm really trying to be good and healthier and cut down on the chocolate, biscuits, crisps and stuff because that is my downfall, I just love a bag of crisps and chocolate and it don't fill me up I don't know why I do it.

"The only problem is after dinner I do like a bit of chocolate – I can't give that up but I'm just trying to eat a bit healthier to feel better."

Dani starts her day with a sachet of a sachet of Quaker Oat So Simple porridge in Golden Syrup flavour at 8.30am.

"I don't enjoy breakfast unless I'm going out and eating it," she admits.

Then at 2pm Dani tucks into a tuna salad with pickled beetroot and a balsamic glaze.

She snacks on pineapple to satisfy her sweet tooth without the calories.

In the evening she has a Snack a Jacks salt and vinegar rice cake before making her dinner.

For her evening mean Dani makes her "favourite dish ever".

The Casareccia Pollo Picante from Italian restaurant chain Zizzi's is an indulgent chicken pasta recipe with baby spinach, harissa paste, double cream and tomatoes.

After a carb-free lunch, Dani admits the meal is "so tasty" and she has a "carb overload".

"If I was stricter with myself I could be leaner," she said.

"But I could do it more when I was younger but now I'm getting a bit older I eat healthy but at the same time, I can slip.

"If I haven't had a carb for lunch, I have one for dinner."

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