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Is ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Done with Reality TV?

FarrahAbraham first became popular after appearing on the MTV reality series TeenMom. Fans couldn’t seem to get enough of the reality star. After TeenMom, Abraham made appearances on Celebrity Big Brother, MarriageBoot Camp: Reality Stars, Couple’s Therapy, and Ex on the Beach.Abraham has had a successful run on these types of shows, but she says it mightbe time for her to do something else. Is she really done with reality TV?Here’s what Farrah Abraham said about her future in reality television.

Why Farrah Abraham joined the cast of Teen Mom

Why did Abraham join the cast of Teen Mom? Abrahamtold Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast she wanted to beon Teen Mom so she could demonstrate that young moms can have normallives after having children:

The reason why I went on Teen Mom was to just show I can overcome some of the things that people think: ‘Oh I have to basically sit at home, not travel, not go out, not do different things.’ And I kind of have always been gung-ho about whatever I want. Sophia has just been along for my opportunities and I support her opportunities. It hasn’t been a conflict. It hasn’t been a bad thing.

Farrah Abraham says she’s over reality television

Abraham reportedly made a decent living from reality television, but it seems like she might not see herself doing reality TV forever. “I really am over reality television. I love production, I love everything of it. I think it’s a true form of bullying, though, when you edit and put together reality television. It makes for funny television; it’s just not always good for everyone. People think I’m a horrible, crazy person from some of the shows,” she told Paul.

Farrah Abraham says she was great on reality TV

Abraham might be over the reality television scene, but shedid tell Paul that she was very good at it. When Paul mentions how scary it isto be open and vulnerable on a reality TV show, Abraham agrees, but also pointsout that being vulnerable can be a good thing. “It is scary, but I will saythis. Vulnerability is power; that’s why I’ve been so great on realitytelevision over the years.”

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