Jamie Oliver buys his male staff BOXER SHORTS after his own eureka moment

JAMIE Oliver has bought all his male employees new pants — after having a eureka moment in his boxer shorts.

The culinary whizz nicknamed The Naked Chef, says his downstairs world was rocked when he discovered a super-snuggly brand called Saxx.

Dad-of-five Jamie, 46, likened it to being “cradled by an angel”, so splashed out on a job lot for all the men in his restaurant businesses.

He said: “I had a revelation about boxer shorts and we had a moment with the crew. I said: ‘What are you wearing?’

“They all pull up their bits and it’s Calvin Klein, or what have you. So I bought them all Saxx.

"If you want to have your balls cradled by an angel all day, every day.

"This is the truth. They have trademarked ‘ball park technology.’ I’ve got some downstairs now.

“I’m not trying to get them onto Saxx because it’s a cool brand — it’s not even cool.

"In actual fact they’re not that cool to look at, I don’t think.

"But if someone asked one of the biggest revelations in the last few years, it’s that. And I have no relationship with the company at all.”

The brand, which Jamie gushed about on the Off Menu podcast, describes itself as “lifechanging underwear” and was voted No1 by Men’s Health Magazine.

The US-based business sells its pants online in a vast array of styles and colours, including novelty designs.

Every pair comes with a special pouch which the company boasts is “designed to reduce friction.

"This patented piece of internal tech keeps your man-parts in place.”

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