Joe Swash snubs Stacey Solomon as he spots huge clue she is actually Sausage

Joe Swash isn't talking to his fiancée Stacey Solomon after thinking that she is actually Sausage on The Masked Singer.

Sausage was seen performing on the hit ITV series on Saturday, stealing the show with an impressive rendition of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, which seemed to convince Joe that it was Stacey under the costume.

One of the clues mentioned over the weekend further solidified Joe's suspicions, despite Stacey insisting that she isn't Sausage.

Filming herself in the kitchen at home with Joe in Essex, Stacey told her fans: "I just need to take a moment to appreciate that he's actually not talking to me because he thinks I'm the Sausage on The Masked Singer and I just haven't told him. What the hell?"

Joe, who was seen standing in the background, turned round and said: "Listen, the Sausage said she 'loves to relax in the camper van'."

Stacey quickly asked: "When have I ever liked to relax in the camper van?"

Joe hit back: "We've got a camper van so that's a massive clue."

Stacey asked him: "Why would I not tell you of all people. Why would I need to hide it from you?"

Joe snapped: "It might be in your contract," as Stacey burst into laughter.

Later in her stories, she insisted to her followers: "I'm not the Sausage, I promise."

Fans know that Stacey was shocked last year when Joe splurged £50,000 on a new camper van to go on trips with Stacey and their four sons, before she took the opportunity to glam it up to her taste.

Another clue that has dropped a huge hint that Stacey is Sausage was shown at the start of a show during the first group performance of the series.

The group were seen performing on stage to the music of That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings, with each character taking a turn to sing.

In a huge clue, Sausage was heard singing: "They call me Stacey," as the Sausage wrapped in newspaper appeared on the screen.

Stacey is known for her impressive vocals, as she made it to the final of The X Factor in 2009, losing out to Olly Murs.

So far Sausage has sung Skin by Rag'N'Bone Man and And I am Telling You I'm Not Going from Dreamgirls.

Could Stacey be Sausage?

The Masked Singer continues next Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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