Karate Kid Part 2 included an axed scene from the previous film

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At the end of The Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) was successful in defeating the Cobra Kai Dojo at the karate tournament. In a brutal final attack, Daniel-san launched a crane kick at Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), winning the fight and the championship. This wasn’t originally how the film was supposed to end, however.

Instead, the original script showed the rivalry continued into the parking lot of the competition venue.

Although this scene was cut out of the first Karate Kid movie, production on the second film, Karate Kid Part 2, started just ten days later.

The previously lost scene was reinserted into the story as the first scene of the second film.

The scene involved Daniel-san and Mr Miyagi (Pat Morita) witnessing Sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) attacking his students.

The stressful moment culminated in Mr Miyagi stepping in to stop Kreese from hurting his students any further.

In a comical final moment, he honked the man’s nose to prove just how much more powerful he was.

Another scene was axed from the film’s production, but was never reinserted into the series.

According to IMDB, the film was originally going to introduce a mysterious character named Webster Miyagi.

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This shady person was supposedly going to make Mr Miyagi “extremely uncomfortable”.

Karate Kid Part 2 was also going to include a scene involving Elizabeth Shue’s character Ali breaking up with LaRusso.

Instead, a throwaway line was given, detailing how she broke up with him.

These scenes aren’t the only surprising aspects of Karate Kid Part 2.

Although most of the film is set in Okinawa, Japan, it was actually filmed in the USA.

Instead of sending the entire film production to Asia, director and writer John G Avildsen moved filming to Hawaii, USA.

The similar climate, stunning vistas and large Okinawan community allowed it to look legitimate on the big screen.

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