Lauren Goodger reignites feud with Piers Morgan and calls him a 'troll' who 'abused her' over vaccine row

LAUREN Goodger has reignited her feud with Piers Morgan, branding him a "troll" who "abused her" in a vaccine row last month.

The 55-year-old presenter branded the former Towie star a "halfwit" after she said that she was "terrified" of the coronavirus jab because it is so new.

And although the pregnant beauty did not respond to Piers' comments at the time, it appears that they struck a chord as she hit back earlier today.

Lauren's former The Only Way Is Essex co-star Gemma Collins is appearing on Piers Morgan's Life Stories this evening, and Gemma shared a clip of him furiously defending her against cruel trolls on Instagram.

Piers lashed out at the "morons" who spew abuse at reality stars on social media in a passionate rant on Good Morning Britain, with Gemma captioning the post: "Time for the social media companies to ACT NOW 🙌🏻

"TONIGHT 9pm @itv LIFE STORIES thank you always to @piersmorgan for being so supportive of me 🙌🏻

"Why aren’t the social media platforms banning people for misuse hate and negativity ? Should they be doing a lot more !!! HELL YES 🙌🏻 why do the platforms allow it ??"

But Lauren, 34, appeared to find the display hypocritical, commenting on Gemma's post: "LOL so when you abused me live on TV with no facts behind what you was saying @piersmorgan .. what did you think happened to me on Twitter and dms?

"I am pregnant @piersmorgan that’s why I won’t be having the vaccine so thanks for trolling and calling me names… but anyway you rise above trolls".

She added to her pal: "@gemmacollins I’ll be watching you 😘"

Before announcing her pregnancy last month, Lauren had said that she wouldn't be getting any of the coronavirus vaccines because they "haven't been around long enough and we don't know enough about it".

Furious Piers ranted at the time: "Lauren Goodger, who I'm informed is a Towie babe, has gone public having a go about the Covid vaccine on the day we discovered a million people in this country have the virus and we're obviously in a desperate situation.

"She said she's terrified of the vaccine and has already had Covid and didn't die, so obviously it's not a problem. She said I don't like taking medicine or antibiotics.

"Here's a picture of Lauren Goodger. What do you think she's been shoving in her face? Where does that come from, Lauren? What have you been injecting into those lips? Did you check where it came from or check what it is?

"These people are absolute half-wits. They're quarter-wits."

He later sniped: "My point is these reality stars are stuffing their faces with plastic fillings, surgery and injections and so on and then banging on about vaccines.

"It's ridiculous. Do you not listen to these imbeciles. It will cost lives."

Lauren announced her pregnancy just days later, with the star expecting her first baby with boyfriend Charles Drury in July.

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