Line of Duty star reveals when the BBC drama will be back next year

Line of Duty will be back soon Martin Compston revealed on Lorraine.

The star, who plays AC Unit Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, said: "I think around about April probably."

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday morning the Line of Duty star added: "We just finish and hand over to the BBC scheduling Gods, but I think it will be April, that’s the time they normally put it on."

Filming on season 5 is already underway, following on from the big twist last season where it appeared the Balaclava Man could be Men – as in plural.

Of course, anything could happen when the show returns.

The BBC announced casting this year, suggesting that DC Roz Hunteley’s lawyer Jimmy Lakewell might have got the wrong end of the stick – and the Balaclava Man is just the solo criminal.

There’s also a new guest lead, with Stephen Graham joining the cast for season five – the BBC credit him ‘as Balaclava Man’.

He’s playing John Corbett, part of an organised crime group that are linked to corrupt police officers.

There was intense speculation at the end of season four as to who the Balaclava Man was with guesses ranging from ACC Hilton to Spt Ted Hastings and Thandie Newton’s DCI Roz Huntley.

There was the big twist where it was alleged that the man was actually a group of criminals.

There was then a dramatic shoot-out at AC-12 HQ as they hunted for Hilton and Hastings shot a masked man – only known as a ‘well known’ criminal.

Viewers were disappointed the season didn’t end with a big reveal, but it looks like we may just get it when Line of Duty returns in April 2019.

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