Loose Women fans shocked as giggling Pamela Anderson chats to the panel in BED with new husband Dan in chaotic interview

LOOSE Women viewers were stunned to see a giggling Pamela Anderson speaking to the panel from her BED – as she cuddled new husband Dan Hayhurst.

The Baywatch star appeared on the ITV show earlier to talk about her FIFTH wedding after she tied the knot with her bodyguard Dan last month.

The couple spoke from Pamela's Canada ranch where she's been spending lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, and where she revealed she met "real man" Dan last year.

But the pair were using a handheld device to conduct the interview and they held it above their heads, showing them snuggling under a duvet.

Things turned rather awkward when Pamela revealed she met Dan on the ranch and they've been "stuck together ever since".

Pammy added: "We're here, we're stuck together and we're still stuck together."

Loose Women host Nadia Sawalha replied: "It looks like you're in a cocoon, a love nest! Dan, how are you going to cope with Pamela's Hollywood lifestyle when lockdown is over?

And Dan replied: "I don't think we're coming out of lockdown. I think we're staying in lockdown forever."

As the couple grappled with their camera phone, Pamela continued to laugh while Nadia tried to take control back.

She asked Dan: "So how did you fall for Pamela?"

The bodyguard couldn't resist giving a cheesy reply, saying: "I couldn't resist (Pamela) she couldn't resist me."

But Pamela took the opportunity to take a swipe at her exes as she interrupted Dan and said: "He is the kind of guy I probably would have met if I hadn't gone around the world and done all this crazy stuff.

"He's a real man, one who can change a light bulb, he's the real deal."

Many viewers said the interview made them "feel sick" and begged Loose Women to cut it short.

One tweeted: "For the love of god please end this; i'm trying to eat my lunch and this is making me sick #loosewomen"

Another wrote: "Cringing at Pamela Anderson" as another said: "That is pathetic the way she is laughing over nothing #LooseWomen"

And one more moaned: "#LooseWomen This is a car crash #PamelaAnderson."

The 53-year-old has been married four times before tying the knot with Dan.

She was hitched to rockstar Tommy Lee, 58, Kid Rock, 50 and Rick Salomon, 53.

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