Loose Women forced to apologise after Paris Fury says 's***' while talking about her baby news on air

LOOSE Women were forced to apologise today when Paris Fury casually swore live on air.

The panellist, wife of two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson, said: "The s*** hit the fan" while revealing her baby news.

Speaking about the revelation that the couple are having their sixth child, in August she said: "It was great news.

"We were planning this one. It came at a great time until lockdown and there's no school.

"It was a great idea until the s*** hit the fan and it's not going too well."

The Sun's Jane Moore instantly apologised for the gaffe in the opening moments of today's Loose Women.

She said: "Sorry about that. Little bit of language." Paris also apologised.

Jane added later: "We just want to apologise for that little bit of swearing. That was just a bit of excitement on Paris's part."

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