Lord Alan Sugar brands Piers Morgan an ‘obnoxious self-centred t***er’ and says Susannah Reid has been ‘poisoned’ by him – The Sun

LORD Alan Sugar has labelled Piers Morgan an "obnoxious self-centred t***er" in a furious Twitter rant online.

The Apprentice star laid into the Good Morning Britain host following his interview with Conservative MP Andrew Brigden over Boris Johnson's lockdown plans today.

Taking to Twitter, the 73-year-old raged: "@piersmorgan is back in full ratchet jaws motor mouth mode. It seems he is hyperactive spewing out Gov criticism.

"Looks like he has saved up material he can say in his week off. A bit like a squirrel in hibernation."

He later joked: "BREAKING: Her Majesty the Queen might announce one day that @piersmorgan is to receive an award.

Lord Sugar also went on to claim co-host Susanna Reid has been "poisoned" by Piers' views on the ITV show.

He added: "True. I am a bit disappointed with @susannareid100 she seems to have been poisoned into @piersmorgan mode."

Last week, Lord Sugar reignited their bitter feud by questioning how the presenter was able to get a coronavirus test faster than NHS workers.

The pair recently declared all out war on each other amid the Covid-19 outbreak, with Piers, 55, branding his rival a "disgrace" and going as far as to block him on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Lord Sugar accused his "former friend" of "exploiting this pandemic for his own gain".

From there, the pair have slammed each other over their views on sunbathers, with Lord Sugar claiming there's no danger if people remain far apart.

Speaking to The Sun’s Executive Editor Dan Wootton during his talkRADIO drivetime last month, Lord Sugar said: "What’s going on is that I am tired of the tactics he is using to just big himself up, to give himself a name, to become a martyr.

“To become the new Florence Nightingale of Britain. It is so transparent it is untrue. And he keeps hacking away at the government.

“I wouldn’t mind but no one takes a blind but of notice of him other than gullible members of the public who go along and say, ‘Yeah, you’re right Piers.’”

Piers and Lord Sugar's rivalry really began in 2007 when Piers took part in Comic Relief Does The Apprentice – and was promptly fired by the businessman.

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