Lord Lucan jumped off ferry so remains wouldnt be found ‒ ex-wifes claim

Lord Lucan: Last person to see him says ‘he’s alive’

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The compelling story of Lord Lucan, the British peer who disappeared after being suspected of killing his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett in the Seventies, will once again be shared on ITV tonight. The first episode of ‘Lucan’ will follow the life of the gambler, who saw his debts take over his life while his marriage to Lady Lucan collapsed. One of the show’s central themes is Lord Lucan’s obsession with regaining the custody of his children, and how on one fateful night in 1974, the youngsters’ nanny Sandra was bludgeoned to death in the basement of the family’s London home.

It will see a distinguished cast retell the captivating story, including the likes of Rory Kinnear, with Christopher Eccleston and Sir Michael Gambon.

The mystery surrounding Lord Lucan’s timely disappearance continues to baffle the public, and as recently as 2020 alleged sightings of the man once considered for the lead part in James Bond continue to be reported.

Lady Lucan, who passed away a year after her husband was declared dead in 2016, has rarely spoken about the incidents that led to the murder of their nanny.

But Lady Lucan once claimed she thought she knew what had happened after the disappearance.

Speaking in a 2017 ITV documentary, Lady Lucan said: “I would say he got on the ferry and jumped off in the middle of the Channel in the way of the propellers so that his remains wouldn’t be found.”

Tonight will see Kinnear star as Lord Lucan and show how, while amassing huge gambling debts, his life becomes embroiled in the chaos of a custody battle for his children.

Alongside John Aspinall (Ecclestone), the pair attempted to undermine Lady Lucan’s sanity in a bid to get the rights to their children following their divorce.

Yet, Ms Rivett is found murdered one cold November night, leading Lord Lucan to vanish forever.

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In a surprising twist, Lady Lucan – who herself is bleeding – runs into a nearby London pub demanding help after alleging she had escaped from the murderer who killed Ms Rivett.

Two years after his disappearance, newly resurfaced letters once again shone a new light on the Lucans’ relationship, and the impact the man convicted of Ms Rivett’s murder had on his ex-wife.

In a letter to solicitors’ firm Boyce, Evans and Sheppard in 1976, she wrote: “The custody proceedings brought out the worst in my husband and I believe he was encouraged to pursue the course he did in those proceedings by others to such an extent that he became paranoid.

“I submit that I am a perfectly normal person whose marriage went wrong mainly because of financial problems.”

Last year, Neil Berriman – the son of Ms Rivett – claimed Lord Lucan was still alive and that Scotland Yard were planning to reopen the cold case.

Around 13 years ago, Mr Berriman found out that he was the son of Ms Rivett, and that he was adopted shortly after she gave birth to him.

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But since finding out his identity, Mr Berriman has vowed to unearth the truth behind his mother’s brutal murder, and 2020 saw him find reports that Lord Lucan was living in Australia.

At the time, it was reported Scotland Yard had been notified of the sighting, with Mr Berriman hopeful his mother’s killer would finally be caught.

According to the Daily Mirror, Mr Berriman said: “I know he’s still alive.”

Lord Lucan’s son George Bingham – who was made the 8th Earl of Lucan after his father was declared dead in the courts – said he had met Mr Berriman a “couple of times” but didn’t realise he was looking for the murderer.

He added: “He isn’t the first person to go to Australia looking. I remember the press went out there to try and find my father and instead found John Stonehouse who had faked his own death.

“This is all ancient history. It happened in 1974 and now it’s 2020.

“I guess people will always go on looking and they are welcome to do so.”

Lucan airs tonight on ITV from 9pm.

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