Lorraine fans beg Ranvir Singh to stop talking Strictly Come Dancing

Ranvir Singh has been filling in for chat show host Lorraine Kelly all week – with the usual presenter enjoying some down time with family instead.

And while some viewers were thrilled about Ranvir filling in for the 61 year old, others took to Twitter with feedback about Ranvir's "annoying habit".

Eagle-eyed viewers begged for the Good Morning Britain political corespondent to stop bringing Strictly Come Dancing into conversations all the time.

The 43-year-old presenter took part in the ballroom dancing competition last year, narrowly missing out on a place in the final.

As the week progressed, fans seemingly became more annoyed that Ranvir kept speaking about the BBC dancing competition on a number of occasions.

One online user sarcastically wrote: "Oh was Ranvir on Strictly #Lorraine."

Another fumed: "I'm bored of this interview. I'm tired of talking about Strictly. I don't watch it, so I shouldn't have to listen about it 24/7. #Lorraine."

While a third raged: "Can we just cancel strictly???? I'm sick to death of hearing about it #Lorraine."

Meanwhile, with the pubs in UK back open for outside business, usual front woman Lorraine certainly made the most of her time out.

The ITV star wasted no time at all with heading out to her local boozer alongside her daughter Rosie and they seemed to be having a barrels of laughs.

Lorraine couldn't resist sharing some snippets of the family outing with her Instagram following.

One short clip showcased the icon downing a shot of alcohol and if her reaction was anything to go by than you can bet it was shockingly strong.

She also posted another adorable and smiley family snap, teamed with the caption: "The pubs are OPEN! With @rosiekellysmith and @jamesbannister #horseandgroom."

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am.

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