Love Island fans accuse stunning bombshell AJ of 'using' Hugo after she targets him in villa

LOVE Island fans have accused the stunning new bombshell AJ of "using" Hugo after she targeted him in the villa.

The nail technician, 28, turned the boys heads as she entered the villa on Wednesday.

Since then AJ has turned up the flirt with both Teddy and Hugo.

This is the most attention the fan-favourite PE teacher has received from another woman, with them enjoying a private chat on the terrace and by the pool.

They even shared a snog during an egg game Faye had invented.

But Love Island viewers are suspicious that AJ could be going after Hugo because he's so popular with fans.

One tweet said: "aj is giving me very much ‘I only like hugo because the public do’ vibes idk I’m suspicious"

A second added: "I’m worried AJ is only liking Hugo because the public likes Hugo"

A third remarked: "AJ going for Hugo becuase she knows he is popular."

Hugo said: "Well if you accidentally end up in my bed, I won't mind."

The pair definitely turned up the heat on yesterday's episode as they chatted by the pool.

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At one point a dragonfly flew past and AJ jumped into his arms.

Then while they spoke about AJ not being able to see with her contact lens, Hugo said: "Well if you accidentally end up in my bed, I won't mind."

"I'll bear that in mind," AJ then replied.

While playing the egg game with the other Islanders, Hugo purposely dropped his so he could give AJ a kiss.

Then on the balcony, AJ said she was gutted she didn't give him a full snog – and Hugo failed to pick up on the hints.

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