Love Island fans question if Jake could fancy Kaz Kamwi after spotting hidden signs

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Jake Cornish has been coupled up with Liberty Poole since day one of Love Island, even asking her to be his girlfriend.

But while Liberty has openly talked of 'love' with Jake, he has skirted any suggestion of the word. This lead to some viewers questioning if his relationship was an attempt to win the show instead of genuine interest.

Now, some fans taken their fears about Jake's motivations one step further – and become convinced he actually prefers Liberty's best friend, Kaz Kamwi.

One of the first signs that he may have feelings elsewhere came as Jake joked that he “loves” Kaz but wouldn’t use the L word for his own partner.

In a private conversation with Jake, Liberty said: “I love Kaz!”

Jake replied: “I love ‘em, I think I love Kaz more,”

“Than Tyler?” Liberty asked him.

Jake quickly responded: “Than you..”

Liberty didn’t seem too happy by the comment, brushing it off by saying “okay, cool” before realising Jake had slipped up.

“Wait, did you just say you love me?” she asked him.

Jake was fast on downplaying it: “No, I’m saying I love Kaz more than you.”

Fans then brought up other instances of the way Jake behaves around Kaz, calling attention to a kiss they shared in a challenge that looked like more than just a part of the game.

One fan tweeted: "I have a theory that Jake actually likes Kaz. He kissed her proper passionately in the challenge. He's always sitting next to her. He told Liberty he loves Kaz more than her…"

Jake was also previously spotted kissing Kaz on the forehead and offering her a cuddle after being declared safe from a potential dumping earlier in the season.

A photo from the villa pushed fans to consider the possibility further as the image depicted Jake sat between Liberty and Kaz, with Liberty on his knee and his hand down on Kaz’ thigh.

One fan wrote: "I think Jake and Kaz are closer than they show us!"

Another commented: "This photo is making me scream! Jake deffo likes Kaz!"

While Jake’s interest in Liberty continues to fall in to question, both he and Kaz are at risk of being dumped from the villa in Monday’s episode of the show as the remaining housemates have to vote on who leaves out of the six least favourite housemates in the villa.

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Love Island airs Monday night at 9pm on ITV2

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