Love Island fans stunned by Priscilla’s dramatic hair transformation

Love Island fans were stunned by Priscilla Anyabu's dramatic hair transformation tonight.

The new Islander emerged for the evening's fun and games with a brand new blonde look.

Mike Boateng raised a toast to "that blonde ting in the corner", then confessed: "I'm basically dating a new person today."

The police officer admitted he was blown away by her "naughty" new look and that any thoughts of Jess Gale were in the back of his head.

Discussing Priscilla’s new blonde look, Mike admitted: “Priscilla’s completely blown me away, 100 million per cent, she’s intrigued me, caught me off guard and I love it.”

Speaking alone at the fire pit, she giggled: “You make me nervous.”

When Mike asked if that was a good thing, Priscilla replied: “It is good nerves…”

As Mike told her “you know I like you”, the pair then went in for a romantic snog while the other Islanders eagerly watched.

Love Island viewers took to Twitter to praise Priscilla's new blonde look.

One fan said: "Priscilla with the dramatic hair change I love it"


A third agreed: "Priscilla ain’t messing around w those hair do’s is she. slaaaaay guuurl"

This came after Mike told Priscilla that they would be able to "vibe" outside of the villa.

When asked how Jess would take it "hypothetically speaking" if he came back with her, Mike said: "I think she would be understanding."

Later on, Luke M asked Mike what was happening with his love life.

Mike replied: “Mine is a pleasantly simple scenario. Me and Priscilla just click and get on.”

*Love Island airs tonight on 9pm on ITV2

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