Love Island's Aaron opens up about his stretch marks saying 'I used to be ashamed – but they show my progress'

LOVE Island star Aaron Francis has spoken about the stretch marks on his body in a very honest post.

The 24-year-old model and luxury events host said proudly: "These scars are showing me my progress."

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Aaron, who is coupled up with Sharon Gaffka in one of many fragile pairings in the villa this year, opened up in a TikTok video before the show.

Appearing topless – how we are used to seeing him thanks to the show – he told fans: "Stretch marks, look we've all got them.

"I got them them there, I got them on my elbows, I got them on my knees, I've got them on my back.

"I used to be ashamed and I used to be trying to get Bio-Oil and rub it in and try and get rid of them. But here's the thing, these scars as well as all the others scars have just shown me the battle.

"These scars are showing me my progress. So why would I be ashamed of them? If anything, embrace them, own them, celebrate them.

"I love my stretch marks, you should too."

Stretch marks and most often seen in pregnant women but can be found on anyone and are very common.

Last night, Aaron and Sharon became the first couple to have an under-the-covers fumble.

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What causes stretch marks?

STRETCH marks are most often caused by sudden growth of weight gain.

According to the NHS you are more likely to get them if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are going through puberty
  • Lose or gain weight quickly
  • Are overweight
  • Use some kinds of steroid creams or tablets
  • Have a family member with stretch marks

The lovebirds became the first couple in the villa to get seriously steamy between the sheets since the series started last week.

It came just hours after Sharon, 25, and Aaron, 24, recoupled following days of constantly kissing one another on the ITV2 show.

Aaron was initially with Shannon Singh, 22, but he dumped her when Chloe Burrows, 25, later made her bombshell arrival in the villa. That pair also failed to hit it off.

Then on Sunday, the six girls got to pick which of the seven men they wanted to be coupled with, and Sharon selected Aaron.

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