Love Island’s Brad will bin Rachel for Lucinda say fans as he tells new girl she’s ‘absolutely stunning’

LOVE Islands fans are convinced that Brad will ditch Rachel for Lucinda after telling her she’s “absolutely stunning”.

The 26-year-old wasted no time in telling the newcomer how he felt about her – just hours after he did the same to Rachel. 

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Those watching at home think they know exactly what is about to happen and took to Twitter to speculate.

One person wrote: “I just know brad is going dump Rachel and I’m sit here like: #LoveIsland.”

A second added: “Brad better fix up. He's setting up to dump Rachel and I ain't here for it #loveisland.”

While a third wrote: “Brad switches up every time a new girl is there went from Faye to Chloe to Rachel to now Lucinda #LoveIsland.”

Brad started the series coupled up with Faye Winter before snubbing her for Chloe Burrows.

He was left single at the last recoupling, with Chloe opting for a friendship couple with Hugo Hammond instead, and had to graft to woo new girl Rachel Finni and secure his spot in the villa.

He was successful winning her over, which saw Chuggs Wallis get dumped from the Island instead of him, but his head was turned instantly by the bombshells.

Lucinda, 21, asked the visibly giddy boys if they were settled with their partners shortly after her arrival, with Brad throwing his hand in the air and exclaiming: "I'm not!"

Downplaying his partnership with Rachel, he went on: "I've only know the lass for two days, you're more my type" before becoming lost for words.

And in a preview for tonight's episode of the show, he tells the blonde beauty over a dinner date: "For the first time, I've literally been like: 'Jesus Christ, I'd be buzzing to get into bed with her."

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