Love Island's Kaz and Tyler had secret SEX in the villa say fans who claim 'it's obvious that's why she cried'

LOVE Island viewers are adamant Kaz and Tyler have had sex in the villa – claiming that's why she broke down in tears last night.

The pair had an explosive showdown in which lothario Tyler told Kaz he wanted to get to know Clarisse better after hitting it off with her in Casa Amor.

Viewers struggled to understand Kaz's anger given she had also paired up with new boy Matthew and had only known Tyler for a matter of days before Casa Amor.

It left them questioning if there had been more to their relationship than initially met the eye.

One wrote on Twitter: "Did kaz n Tyler have sex nothings adding up #LoveIsland."

Another posted: "did kaz and tyler have sex? because this is too dramatic for a 3 day relationship #loveIsland.

A third said: "Why is Kaz so passionate? Did they have sex? Did we miss something? #LoveIsland."

Kaz sobbed after Tyler said he wanted to explore the possibility of romance with Clarisse. She fumed: "If you can't come to a decision, f*** off. Go do your thing."

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Tyler told her: "My head is so scrambled I can't give you a concrete answer right now, that's what I'm saying.

"Give me a little bit of time so I can get things straight in my head. It's undeniable how I feel about you."

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She hit back: "I have a question. How can your feelings for someone be undeniable? Undeniable means you can't deny it. But it's not quite good enough because I want to go here. 'I like you just not enough.'

"The bottom line is you cannot give me and her [Clarisse] the same amount of effort at the same time.

"It doesn't work and I'm not taking 50 per cent – I want 100 per cent. If you can't give me that go over there. You go figure your s*** out."

She then stormed off telling him: "Oh crack on, you f***ing crack on, I've had enough."

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