Lucifer season 5: Fans spot ‘obvious’ stunt double in Lucifer and Michael fight scene

Lucifer: Lesley-Ann Brandt shares behind the scenes

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The fifth season of Lucifer employed the use of some impressive special effects to bring Tom Ellis’s dual roles to life. Unfortunately, some of the seams started to show when an observant fan went through Lucifer and Michael’s epic fight scene frame-by-frame on Netflix.

Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and his twin brother Michael went toe-to-toe in Lucifer’s epic midseason finale last year.

The most ambitious fight sequence of the series to date, the complex sequence also saw Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) show off their formidable strength.

Last year’s sensational fifth season was highly praised for its technical achievements, most notably for leading man Tom Ellis’s double role as the two twin brothers.

The special effects extravaganza culminated in the thrilling midseason finale, which concluded with an all-out brawl in the LAPD precinct.

Time had been slowed around the four adversaries to prevent human bystanders from catching any elbows, and the sequence also featured some impressive martial arts and stunts.

Unfortunately, one sharp-eyed viewer realised the complex set piece isn’t quite as seamless as it appeared on a first glance.

User PaceMuch posted on Reddit: “I was watching season 5 episode 8 and noticed this isn’t even Lucifer as Michael, anyone else see that?”

At one of the most pivotal moments of the scene in question, in which Lucifer is thrown through a pane of glass, Tom Ellis’s stunt double is quite visible when the episode is paused.

Although the series made clever use of convincing special effects to make Lucifer and Michael appear together, sometimes using a stunt double was the only option during the series’ action scenes.

In response, another fan noted: “It’s not Tom Ellis flying through the window, either.

“Isn’t him until they focus when he’s on the ground. Hollywood Magic!”

Another fan admitted confusion, as they believed Tom Ellis’s face had been grafted onto the stunt double in post-production.

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They explained: “Funny though, in a CoSa VFX video where they explain how this scene was made they clearly show that they put Tom’s face on that guys body.”

Clearly, Ellis’s stunt double appeared to have kept his own likeness, perhaps because this insert shot was considered too quick for most people to notice.

CoSa have provided special effects for the series since the first season debuted on Fox.

Early instalments kept the supernatural elements to a minimum so fewer production blunders slipped through the cracks.

However, when the series was later picked up by Netflix, a lot of fans spotted a marked improvement on the production quality and CGI.

Although CG elements like Lucifer’s wings and devil face have certainly improved over the years, nothing beats a good old fashioned body double when it comes to the show’s stunt work.

While this particular error passed most viewers by, Ellis’s double can become very distracting if the image is paused at the wrong moment.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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