Lucy Mecklenburgh slammed by fans for promoting controversial contraception method after revealing son was unplanned

LUCY Mecklenburgh has come under fire from fans for promoting a controversial form of contraception called Natural Cycles.

The 29-year-old, whose fiance Ryan Thomas previously revealed their son Roman was unplanned, encouraged her followers to try out the method, which simply uses your temperature to see if you are fertile that day or not.

The technique will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases and if inaccurate, could result in pregnancy.

The former Towie star shared her experience of using the Natural Cycles app, but was inundated with people telling her she was irresponsible and for questioning it’s accuracy, considering Roman was unplanned.

Ryan previously revealed: "None of my children were planned.”

Admitting she wasn’t sure about discussing birth control, Lucy told her followers: “I use my platform to share open & honest elements of my life all the time in the hope I can help others. 

“One area that I haven't talked about was my birth control and when @naturalcycles asked about working together I was a little reluctant… not because I don’t use & love the product, but because I felt a little embarrassed So I asked myself…why should the highs & lows of my experience with contraception be avoided when I share so much else?!

“I have struggled with contraception for years trying every pill there is as well as the coil none of them worked for me. I experienced really bad side effects but didn’t really know of any non-hormonal options.”

Explaining how it works, she said:  “All I do is measure my temp each morning and the algorithm calculates my fertility status for the day. If it's a Green Day, I'm not fertile and I don't have to use protection and if it's a Red Day, I'm fertile and I have to use protection – simple as that!”

She then went on to offer her followers a code to get the app at a discounted price – but the deal didn’t go down well and many rushed to question her.

One person wrote:  “I cannot believe this is being promoted, how incredibly irresponsible. Yes it might work for some, but for many it’s just not ok!! Sure if you’re in a stable relationship, financially ok and would be happy if you did get accidentally pregnant, it’s probably great. To anyone else, just no 🙈.”

Another person commented: “I've read a lot into this and it's very dodgy- nowhere near as effective as hormonal contraception. Be very careful, unless you want to get pregnant. I'm really surprised you're endorsing this Lucy.”

Someone else wrote: “Thanks to NC I have a beautiful and very unexpected son.”

While a health care professional remarked: “As a nurse this is very concerning that you are promoting this on your platform. This is not advocated at all by doctors or nurses.”

Natural Cycles claims to be It's 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use.

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