Married At First Sight Australia’s ‘virgin’ Matt claims ex Lauren accused him of being gay after he turned down sex

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's 'virgin' Matt Bennett claims his ex-wife accused him of being gay when he turned her down for sex.

The 32-year-old, who was married to Lauren Huntriss, said she "aggressively" questioned his sexuality when he said no to fulfilling her X-rated sexual desires.

Matt, a videographer, was "blindsided" by Lauren's fantasies of having threesomes, swinging and "being choked" in bed.

Having entered the TV experiment aged 29, Matt revealed that he was a virgin and was waiting for the right woman to be intimate with.

Despite feeling a "switch was flicked" when he had sex with Lauren, 32, he now regrets sharing his first time on the show and has needed therapy to recover.

He told the MailOnline: "When my season aired in Australia, the person I was matched with decided to start these rumours that I was gay."

Matt added that he felt hurt that people would frequently "attack" him with the word as if they were "using being gay as a slur".

The reality TV star said he "cut contact" with Lauren a long time ago and said that never seeing her again would still "be too soon".

"There was a lot that happened behind the scenes and after the show that people just don't know about which made my life unpleasant," he explained.

Matt described Lauren as "unpredictable" and "aggressive" as she questioned him on how far he was willing to go intimately.

"Knowing my inexperience, she would start to get quite sexual and not move at the pace you'd expect with someone like myself," he added.

"I started to get concerned and withdrew, and she implied I was gay because I wasn't jumping all over her and throwing her on the bed."

Matt recalled one incident in which Lauren asked Matt if he "ever wanted to put a d*** in his mouth", leaving him "completely shocked".

On the show, which was originally filmed in 2018 but aired in the UK last month, Lauren admitted she longed for Matt to be adventurous in the bedroom.

At one point, the 32-year-old told her husband that she "used to be a lesbian", something that left Matt "blindsided".

"She blindsided me with all these really sexually explicit things that completely changed the tone of the relationship and who I thought she was," Matt said.

The pair consummated their marriage on their honeymoon, but Matt regrets going all the way with his ex-wife.

He explained that she was "very good at putting on a face" when the cameras were around, with her personality changing behind the screen.

"Once I lost my virginity, it was almost like a switch was flicked," he concluded. "Knowing what I know now, would I give it up to her? No, definitely not."

Matt was frustrated on the show as he felt he was increasingly labelled by his virginity as producers referred to him as the "ex virgin".

The reality star said he felt uncomfortable that the show played it as though his virginity was the key thing about his personality.

He slammed the show for "using his virginity like his occupation" to introduce him every time he appeared on screen.

Since the show finished two years ago, Matt "needed therapy" to help with the impact of online trolls.

He said that many viewers began messages him dubbing him "autistic" after watching the show – something he found "hurtful".

Taking the autism screening "three times" and coming back "negative", Matt later discovered he had "avoidant personality disorder".

Matt described the disorder as a coping mechanism he developed as a child, where sufferers mentally shut down when things are "stressful or overwhelming".

Married At First Sight Australia fans were previously left shocked when Matthew revealed he wasn't attracted to Lauren – despite losing his virginity to her.

The couple seemed like one of the strongest in the group after a successful match. But it seems a series of shocking revelations from Lauren left Matthew admitting he was no longer attracted to her.

At a dinner party, the usually shy Matt told the other guys: "I'm just not attracted to Loz." He then added: "There is just nothing there."

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