Married at First Sight UK fans will be pleasantly surprised with who lasts

And fans of Married at First Sight UK – which sees couples meet for the first time at the altar – have questioned why people with such deep differences have been matched.

But series relationship expert Paul C Brunson reckons some very ­unlikely couples will surprise us and stay together.

He says: “Right now a lot of people think, ‘You guys are crazy putting these people together,’ but as the ­series proceeds you’ll begin to see why we have picked them.


“You’re going to be pleasantly ­surprised on who goes the distance.

“Some couples get to the commitment ceremony and really listen to us – others don’t. You’ll see a correlation in success in those who listen.”

Last week’s first dinner party, bringing all the couples together for the first time, saw Nikita Jasmine have a blazing row with Jordon Mundell for his treatment of wife Alexis Economou. And that was before he snogged Megan Wolfe, who is wed to Bob Voysey, at the gathering.

At the subsequent commitment ceremony – where couples decide if they want to stay in the experiment – Jordon revealed the illicit kiss. The head-spinning scenes left cheated-on Bob in tears, while Nikita and hubby Ant Poole exited the experiment, followed by Jordon and Alexis. Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson were also shocked.

Matchmaker Paul (right, with wife Jill) who describes himself as a mentor, entrepreneur and TV presenter, denies the group bashes have been brought on board from the Australian version to cause chaos and partner swapping.

But he teases: “Buckle up. You get a chance to see relationships play out. People do argue. I believe the best ­relationships are where you do it in a way which is respectful and not condescending.”

He also defends the decision to ditch the legal weddings for a commitment ceremony. Paul says: “There are many people today who don’t need legal documentation to feel married.”

Couples such as mum-of-two Marilyse Corrigan, who won £2.5million on the National Lottery at 15, and personal trainer Franky Spencer, who lives in Dubai, appear to have the odds stacked against them. But Paul says there’s logic behind the pairings he and experts Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas use.

He explains: “For me, it’s about a connection in values, whether or not we think there will be physical attraction, attachment theory – how they first loved and were first loved.

“It’s also about communication style and how we can resolve ­conflict. A lot of data, that’s the key.

“Franky and Marilyse have the same values, not just around athleticism but they are both motivators, have a high desire to see people want to do better, they’re competitive and physically attached to each other.”

After the success of the current E4 series, Paul, who found fame on Celebs Go Dating, believes we could see a celeb version of Married at First Sight. “Absolutely,” he says. “Not everyone’s searching for marriage but everyone’s searching for love.”

Auto Trader, Britain’s biggest matchmaker, has hooked up with Paul to create a free guide to help Brits navigate post-pandemic dating.

Paul says: “Dating is completely changed because of the pandemic.

“People prefer an adventurous road trip over a dinner because you get a chance to know that person on a deeper level. You can download the guide, see the personalities, find the right conversations to have.”

●The UK’s largest automotive marketplace and Britain’s biggest matchmaker, Auto Trader has joined forces with Paul to improve single Brits’ in-car etiquette and help the road to romance run smoothly. Download the free guide at: Married at First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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