Married At First Sight UKs Adam Aveling mistakes bridesmaid for his bride in awkward scene

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Married At First Sight UK got off to an awkward start this week with Monday night’s episode.

As the final four singles heading for fast-track marriages walked up the aisles, the experts paired electrician Adam Aveling and estate agent Tayah Victoria.

The build-up to their wedding looked to be going smoothly as guests found their seats outdoors. But despite appearing confident approaching the altar moments later, groom Adam was forthcoming in revealing how he actually felt – admitting that he was struggling with nerves.

"The nerves have definitely kicked in," he said. "It's hard to get my head round.

"If this goes well, I'll be talking about this day for the rest of my life."

Hearing footsteps from the aisle after patiently waiting with the congregation, Adam turned his head and uttered “wow”, as he laid eyes on the oncoming bridesmaid, mistaking her for the bride-to-be.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” he welcomed her, before being silently brushed off as she walked to her seat. Not exactly an easy mistake for Adam to make, seeing as the bridesmaid was wearing pink – not white of a traditional bride's dress.

“That’s the bridesmaid, Adam,” his dad called out. “False alarm.”

While it was extremely awkward, this did however break the ice between the groom and the chuckling friends and family of Tayah, whom along with her, he was also meeting for the first time.

Earlier on in the show, Adam, at 26, confessed that he was ready to settle down after spending seven years playing the field.

"My mum and Dad are definitely the best examples of love that i know of," he said. "I'd love to experience what they've experienced."

The Doncaster lad’s marital intentions mirrored that of 25-year-old Tayah perfectly, after she revealed her wish to start a family.

"I'm definitely a family person," she said. "I would like to have children before my 30s. I've got to get on and meet someone.”

Tayah explained that she had been in multiple unsuccessful relationships, facing a cold reception from an ex when she suffered a miscarriage, leaving her yearning for better treatment from her next partner.

Although the episode showed her parents struggling with her decision to marry a stranger, with her father missing from the wedding ceremony and mother reluctant to attend, the warm welcome from Adam when she finally stepped onto the aisle looked promising.

Sporting an off-the-shoulder fishtail white gown with a plunging neckline, Tayah seemed thrilled as she smiled and brushed back her long wavy-styled locks.

The nuptials eventually went under way followed by an enjoyable wedding reception it appeared – despite Tayah’s mother giving Adam a grilling. So far so good with this couple, but only time will tell with this show.

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