Michaela Strachan slams £2250 quarantine hotel as a 'posh prison' watched by 'security guards' as she returns to the UK

MICHAELA Strachan branded her quarantine hotel a "posh prison" as she returned to the UK.

The Springwatch presenter forked out £2250 for 10 days in Government-approved accommodation after being stuck in South Africa for most of the year due to Covid travel restrictions.

But she had few good things to say about her temporary digs in Hounslow, moaning about the food, the local views on her daily exercise breaks, and the level of security.

Sharing her quarantine with people on Twitter Michaela, 55, said: "Day One posh prison.

"My 15 mins in the exercise yard. 8 of us watched by 8 security guards! Seriously? What do they think we’re going to do? Dig a tunnel? Have an illegal rave? The world’s gone utterly mad. Will I go mad in the process? Reckon there’s a good chance this time!"

Sharing a picture from her daily walk, she added: "Hotel quarantine day 2. Today’s walk; car park, Radisson Hotel, Hounslow. Last week’s walk; Llandudno shipwreck, Cape Town.

"Nothing like contrast to make you appreciate the good things in life! ‘Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ Joni Mitchell"

By day three Michaela had "lost the will" as she expressed her dissatisfaction over the food being served.

A photo revealed her breakfast of two slices of toast, an apple, cereal, and yoghurt with drinks.

The TV star typed: "Day 3 hotel quarantine. I’m losing the will on day 3! £2250 and this is what you get for breakfast!I haven’t eaten rice crispies since I was 12 and who eats white bread anymore?

"And I waited an hour and a half for a guard to let me out to the car park. think I need to breathe….."

After some backlash over her comments, the Really Wild Show sta added: "I feel the urge to clarify. Of course there are disadvantaged people who would find this b/fast a feast. That’s not the point.

"My point is about value for money. My tweet was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but I really don’t think expecting value for money makes me spoilt?"

One fuming person replied to Michaela: "You didn't just come off as spoilled, you came off judgemental with it. Cereal, toast, fruit & yoghurt pretty much are the standard breakfasts of the nation. It wasn't that you wanted more for the money that we heard- it's that you look down on those who consume standard staples."

Another said: "What planet is she on that she moans about her food when disadvantaged children get this (5-7yrs) ¼ of a Bagel plus a cereal of their choice (7-11yrs) ½ a Bagel plus a cereal of their choice (11-16yrs) 1 full bagel plus a cereal of their choice in a breakfast club"

However, others waded in to defend the presenter.

They said: "Dear oh dear oh me !!! What is the world coming to when you can't complain about a lousy breakfast… You work BLOODY hard and I wish people would STOP JUDGING others by just one comment. You should NOT have to aplologise."

And one more said: "Poverty is an issue, of course it is, but people are missing the point and can’t see the true ‘conspiracy’. How can a company charge an individual £2250 for the privilege of 10 days held in a hotel, without natural ventilation and given crappy food? Who is making the profit here?"

Michaela lives in South Africa and was unable to return to the UK to film Springwatch this year due to the travel chaos.

Show producers were forced to make last minute changes due to her absence.

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