Mirzapur cast: Why did Kulbhushan Kharbanda leave Mirzapur as Bauji Tripathi?

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Season two of Mirzapur saw some big changes in the power dynamics as kings were brought tumbling down and pawns rose to the top. As always, the body count was high with many characters meeting brutal ends as befitting their lives of violence. But why did this cast member leave the hit show?

Why did Kulbhushan Kharbanda leave Mirzapur as Bauji Tripathi?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Mirzapur seasons 1 and 2

The finale of Mirzapur season two was a blood-soaked affair where numerous characters were bumped off, starting with Bauji Tripathi (played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda).

Bauji got his comeuppance after he blackmailed his daughter-in-law Beena Tripathi (Rasika Dugal) to have sex with him otherwise he would reveal her affair to her husband Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi).

Beena reluctantly agreed and went along with it despite being repelled by Bauji.

She carefully bided her time before striking at the right moment when Maqbool Khan (Shaji Chaudhary) was planning to kill Bauji.

Only then did Beena reveal her true colours and she asked if she could kill Bauji for his behaviour towards her.

Bauji’s death seemed to signal the beginning of the end of the Tripathi reign of Mirzapur as he was the one really pulling the strings and giving his son Kaleen Bhaiya the instructions.

With Bauji dead, Munna Tripathi (Divyenndu) was keen to take power from his own father through murder but in the end, Kaleen Bhaiya conceded to his son, saying he could never kill his own child.

Bauji’s death was the catalyst for a lot of things and his funeral was where the final sequence played out.

The funeral area was where the finale’s shootout took place between the Tripathis and Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal) and Golu Gupta (Shewta Triapathi Sharma).

Munna was shot dead by Guddu and Golu, while Kaleen Bhaiya was abducted by his enemy’s son Sharad Shukla (Anjum Sharma) as he lay bleeding to death.

From the looks of it, the decision to kill off Bauji was made by the writers rather than anything on the part of the actor.

Season two’s theme was revenge and Bauji’s death was part of this with Beena finally taking down the man who had made her life a misery.

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Amazon Prime Video recently confirmed it had given season three of Mirzapur the green light only a few weeks after the second outing dropped on the platform.

Mirzapur has become the biggest TV series on Amazon Prime Video in India, boasting a huge and dedicated fanbase.

There are already lots of theories about season three and where the story could go next, but one thing is likely to be explored: Bauji’s death.

His murder is going to have repercussions on the Tripathis, especially if Kaleen Bhaiya learns his wife was the one holding the knife and betrayed him to Guddu.

Speaking about playing Beena, Dugal admitted she’d nearly turned down the part because of a scene in season one where her character was forced to have sex with Bauji.

The Indian actress, who has appeared in A Suitable Boy and Delhi Crime, said: “In the original script, it was a far more elaborate scene.

“It was beautifully written and interesting, but very hard to pull off. I felt that even experienced filmmakers would worry about this scene.”

She went on to say of filming the moment: “We avoided eye contact since it was a silhouette shot.

“We had this unspoken understanding about the awkwardness of the situation.”

However, she ultimately took on the role and Beena has now been hailed as one of the winners of season two of Mirzapur, coming out on top amid the chaos.

Part of the reason for signing on to Mirzapur stemmed from the part being very different to the roles she’d been offered in the past.

Whether Beena can maintain her position with Guddu as the king of Mirzapur while she waits for her baby son to come of age remains to be seen.

Mirzapur seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now

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