Money Heist season 5: Will Sierra shoot the Professor? Najwa Nimri drops huge hint

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Money Heist fans will remember how season four of the hit show ended on a dramatic cliffhanger where Alicia Sierra (played by Najwa Nimri) held a gun to the Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) head. Fans were left worrying about his fate but has a new clue confirmed his death in the upcoming season five?

Will Sierra shoot the Professor?

In the final scene of season four of Money Heist, Sierra finally located where the professor was hiding out.

Sneaking up on him while he planned how to get Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) back into the Bank of Spain, the pair had a tense stand-off in the final few moments.

She then held a gun to his head and announced “check mate you son of a b****” before the screen cut to black.

Many viewers were therefore left terrified about what this could mean for the Professor’s future on the show.


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Now heading into season five of the show, it seems Sierra star Najwa Nimri might have dropped a cryptic clue.

In a recent video for Netflix Spain, her and her co-stars announced how excited they were to be preparing to start filming once again.

In her section of the video, Nimri appeared and said “I am very excited to know that soon I will start to film.”

However, it was probably the section before this which caught the attention of viewers of the show.

This is because the star appeared on a shooting range firing a gun, much like she does in the final scene of the show.

So could this mean Sierra is preparing for more firing action in season five of the Spanish series?

For now it seems like viewers will just have to wait until closer to the release date to find out.

There are a few popular theories about what will happen to the Sierra and the Professor when the new series begins.


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Some fans think Sierra’s pregnancy might suddenly play a huge role if she is to go into labour and the Professor must decide whether to help her.

Posting about this, fan Obi_Maximus_Windu speculated on Reddit: “Her water will break with the professor then he’ll have to deliver the baby.

“She’ll let him leave and leave him go as a ‘thank you/ sorry for f*g with Río.’”

Another major theory is about whether Sierra could actually swap sides and join the Money Heist gang as her former colleague Lisbon did.


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This was implied by a few things at the end of season four, including Sierra’s disobeyal of police instructions when speaking about Rio’s (Miguel Herran) torture.

As well as this, in the final credits, Nimri is the person singing the latest version of Bella Ciao, which might be an indication she is joining the rebellion.

While another fan named StudentDoctor1908 theorised on Reddit: “Sierra will definitely be a front and centre antagonist next season, second only to the police.

“It’s obvious that now that she has the Professor, they’ll have to see what she does next and how the gang deals with her.”

Viewers will just have to wait and see what happens when the show finally returns to Netflix.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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