Mrs Brown’s Boys in chaos as cast start acting wrong scene in hilarious blunder

The stars of Mrs Brown's Boys were left in fits of laughter after an epic blunder during the popular sit-com.

In the News Years special, Mrs Brown discovered her husband Redser Brown had a son she didn't know about.

In another scene, Winnie McGoogan (Eilish O'Carroll) asked her about it.

Mrs Brown (Brendan O'Carroll) replied: "I contacted him, I told him to call over here."

Winnie said: "Oh when?", to which Mrs Brown said: "Whenever he likes."

Then Winnie remarked: "You don't seem very put out Agnes!"

In the hilarious moment, Brendan O'Carroll said while trying to stay in character: "It's a different scene."

Eilish couldn't hold it together as she exclaimed: "It's a different scene completely", before bursting into a fit of giggles.

The pair, who are brother and sister in real life attempted to continue with the scene in the funny outtake.

Eilish then said: "Oh you'll be very nervous."

The quick-witted comedian shot back saying: "Well not now because I know…"

Eilish fell into hysterics once again as the audience began laughing too.

Mrs Brown's Boys is filmed in front of the live studio audience, so the actors eventually managed to stop laughing and carry on with the show.

Viewers were in hysterics watching the episode as one tweeted: "Mrs Brown's Boys quoting lines from the wrong scene but they keep it in".

Another penned: "My tummy hurts from all of the laughing at Mrs Brown's Boys I don't think the script was needed the amount it was ignored."

"Another funny episode of @MrsBrownsBoys one thing for sure is that it never fails to make me laugh Mrs Brown's Boys ", added a third.

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