Mythic Quest Season 2 To Use A Different Title

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is out now on Apple TV+, but before it even premiered, the team behind the show was already looking forward. Following news that Apple TV+ has renewed the series for a second season ahead of its debut, Mythic Quest’s executive producers have shared a little of what they have in mind for the future.

The show follows the developers of a fictional game called Mythic Quest as they release the game’s first major expansion, called Raven’s Banquet. “The first season is all about Raven’s Banquet. The second season will be about another expansion,” executive producer and star Rob McElhenney said during a group interview at the TCA winter press tour. That means yes, Season 2 will have a different subtitle. At this point, though, the producers weren’t willing to share what it will be called. However, they were quick to note just how difficult it was to land on a title in the first place.

“I’ll tell you exactly how many we considered: 55 different titles before we found one that would clear, because video games are varied,” executive producer Megan Ganz said. “There’s so many titles out there, so it was really hard. It was a very difficult process.” Eventually, though, they were able to clear the name Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

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As for why the show is using expansion packs to the fictional Mythic Quest massively multiplayer online role-playing game, rather than the release of the game itself, executive producer David Hornsby explained that they wanted to tell a story about a developer that was already successful, and what happened from there. “The show is not really about the success of the game, necessarily. It’s about how our characters deal with it all,” Hornsby said. “It felt more unique to make it a pre-existing game that was already popular.”

Ganz added, “It also makes the egos as big as possible. They’ve already been successful for a number of years, so we’re not dealing with people unsure of themselves, you know. And also the workplace dynamics are baked in because they’ve been working together for a long time. And I think that that’s always an easier place to mine comedy from.” Fans of great workplace comedies from recent years–from The Office and Parks and Recreation, to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia–will likely agree.

The full season of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is out now on Apple TV+.

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