Naga Munchetty scolded by Matt Tebbutt as she ‘blanks him’ in awkward exchange

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty got called out on air during Saturday's edition of the news programme as she handed over to cooking programme Saturday Kitchen.

As Naga and co-star Charlie Stayt finished their interview with guests Professor Linda Bauld and Dr Chris Smith, she then handed things over to a waiting Matt in another studio.

As she introduced Matt, she couldn't resist making a cheeky dig at the chef, saying: "I bet Linda will name drop something, maybe she will name drop Matt Tebbutt or just drop Matt Tebbutt, no no no never!"

Matt quickly hit back: "Is that my introduction?"

Naga replied: "Do you want more?" as Matt said back: "No, unnecessary, unnecessary. Here I am, you're welcome. How are you guys?"

It seemed that Naga and Charlie couldn't hear his question over the video link as they then didn't reply, leaving Matt looking very awkward.

He said: "Brilliant. I love our chats," as Naga quickly burst into laughter during the exchange.

Matt quickly moved on with the link as he said to the camera: "Right our special guest today is Oti Mabuse – shall we chat?"

In a dig at Naga and Charlie, he added to Oti: "Or are you going to blank me as well."

The Strictly star quickly replied: "No, no, no I’ll reply."

Meanwhile, earlier this week Naga and Charlie left viewers hiding behind their cushions as they seemed to have a frosty exchange while presenting together.

As Charlie tried to find an article in a newspaper, Naga appeared to get irritated by how much time he was taking as she told him to "take your time".

Naga said: "This reminds me of a time you told me I wouldn’t pass my driving test if I took it today."

Charlie replied: "I think that’s true. Not you personally, I think a lot of people."

Rolling her eyes, Naga chimed: "I think it was personal."

Fans were left asking if the pair had an argument off-screen because of their frosty demeanour towards each other, with many commenting on the tension.

One said: "Have Charlie and @TVNaga01 had an argument this morning? Very frosty between them @BBCBreakfast."

A second viewer said: "What is nagas problem. I don't think your presenters like each other do they? And it shows, which is why I can only watch for more than headlines when it's Louise/Dan.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC.

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