Neighbours fans shocked as soap airs ‘steamiest sex scene EVER’ – The Sun

NEIGHBOURS fans were left in shock on Monday after the Australian soap aired what many called "the steamiest" scene ever in the show's history.

The scenes aired as part of the soap's late-night episodes, and featured villain Finn camping with his girlfriend Bea.

As Bea returned to their glamping tent, the pair began kissing but fans were shocked to see the scenes became raunchier than expected, with the pair shedding clothes.

Things then took a turn when Finn began to hallucinate that he was in bed with Ely – Bea's sister – and the two girls' faces kept changing.

The soap usually airs at lunch time and fans were surprised to see "A sex scene IN NEIGHBOURS" using emojis to express their emotions.

"I think that’s the steamiest I’ve ever seen Neighbours get! Sex scenes?!!" added one bemused viewer.



However, later in the episode things got even darker when Finn threw Bea into a makeshift jungle prison hole and left her to die.

The evil science teacher – who is played by actor Rob Mills in the Australian soap – tricked his girlfriend into going for a walk over the island with him.

Viewers know Finn has his full memories back about being sick and twisted and is back to his old self but Bea and the others had no idea and so Bea happily went with him through the jungle.

He tricked her into walking over to his makeshift prison – a huge hole in the ground with lockable top – and got her to pose for a photo next to it.

Walking over to her, it seemed like he was going to kiss her but instead he grabbed her and said simply: "Goodbye Bea."

He then hurled her into the hole where she lay motionless on the ground.

She screamed for help and told him she thought she had broken her leg but he just told her it had to be like that.

But will Bea survive?

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