Neighbours: Will Nicolette Stone return to Ramsay Street?

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Nicolette (played by Charlotte Chimes) left a wake of devastation in her path when she suddenly disappeared from Neighbours. The mother to be was heavily pregnant and the baby’s fathers David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) were left heartbroken as they thought they had lost their daughter forever. Following a stark warning from Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and with the baby back with her parents, will Nicolette return to the Channel 5 soap?

Will Nicolette Stone return to Neighbours?

The last time Nicolette was seen on the weekday serial drama was when Paul tracked her down to Canberra, Australia.

It was during this meeting, the soap villain discovered his nemesis had given birth to his granddaughter, Isla Fay.

Desperate to get the baby back to her fathers, as per the surrogacy deal, the stalwart struck a deal with the troublemaker.

Paul told Nicolette he would give her $1 million if she handed over the baby and let him return to Erinsborough with her.

After some consideration, Nicolette agreed and when she gave Isla to Paul, he told the mother of one never to return.

However, in the closing moments of the last episode she featured in, it was revealed she had another baby in her possession.

It is not yet known if this was the real Isla but if Nicolette has given Paul another baby, the plot thickens as to who’s child she gave away.

In an exclusive interview with, the actor who plays Paul, Stefan, teased a potential return for Nicolette in the future.

Asked if viewers will find out the identity of the child, the soap star said: “We do find out. It’s like the twist within the twist.

“It’s the storyline that just keeps giving. This is one of the most outstanding storylines in Neighbours’ history,” he continued.

It’s like the twist within the twist

Stefan Dennis

Although the actress who plays Nicolette, Charlotte, has been removed from the show’s credits, there’s no ruling out a future return.

The soap is well known for keeping secrets under wraps for weeks, even years sometimes in the case of Dee Bliss (Madeleine West).

If she does make a comeback, all the teasers are just a red-herring, it could be revealed she had twins.

David is one half of a twin duo alongside his brother, Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano), and the gene does tend to be hereditary.

Nicolette could come back stating she wants both of her children back in her life and to raise them together.

Why did Nicolette Stone leave Neighbours?

Nicolette originally fled Ramsay Street after discovering her girlfriend, Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), had supposedly slept with Leo.

Even though it was revealed the pair hadn’t had sex, Nicolette was still hurt to know her partner wasn’t in love with her.

The mother to be was devastated and following a run-in with Paul, who told her she would never be part of the family, Nicolette ran.

She left no note to explain her disappearance, leaving many to surmise the breakdown of her relationship was the reason she left.

Paul believes paying off Nicolette will keep his part in the mystery at bay but a return could blow his plan out of the water.

In an episode airing Monday 6 September, 2021, Nicolette’s mother, Jane Harris (Annie Jones), read a note from her daughter which Paul had brought back from Canberra.

It read: “I guess you know by now I’m not coming back. I’m sorry but getting to spend the last year with you, I’ve felt more at home than I ever have.

“Things are different now and I cannot come back to Erinsborough after everything that’s happened so please don’t come after me.

“Love the baby for me and tell her that I love her. Giving birth to her was the best thing I’ve ever done but also the hardest.

“I wish you had been there with me and thank you for making this past year so special,” she added, but this could be a rouse to make her return to the show even more dramatic.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

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