Netflix’s Trial 4 fans ‘can’t stop crying’ at Sean Ellis’ fate in finale – but will there be another series?

NETFLIX'S Trial 4 fans "can't stop crying" at Sean Ellis' fate in the "roller coaster" finale.

The docu-series follows Sean Ellis, who was says he was wrongfully convicted of the 1993 murder of Boston police detective John Mulligan.

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Sean spent 22 years in jail after being imprisoned at the age of 19.

The documentary shows Sean facing three different trials – with the first two resulting in hung juries and mistrials – before he was found guilty.

Ellis has maintained his innocence from the start.

His defence team highlighted how someone would not normally face multiple trials.

There was also no significant physical evidence to tie Sean to the crime. The only eyewitness testimony was contestable and the eyewitness was connected to one of the police officers.

After an investigation by The Boston Globe's Spotlight team, it was claimed detectives Kenneth Acerra and Walter Robinson had been fabricating evidence and warrants, as well as seizing thousands of dollars from searches for themselves.

Following the convictions for conspiracy, theft, intimidation of witnesses and falsifying informants in 1997, Ellis filed a motion for a new trial in 1998.

However, this was denied. In 2013, he put a second retrial motion forward, then in 2015 he had his conviction overturned by a judge who said "justice was not done" during the original trials.

The Netflix show follows Sean as he awaits his fourth trial.

But in December 2018, District Attorney John Pappas announced they wouldn't be pursuing another trial – saying "the passage of more than two and a half decades has seriously compromised our ability to prove it again."

He added: "For this reason, my office will file paperwork today ending the prosecution of Mr. Ellis for first-degree murder and armed robbery."

Ellis said after finding out the news: "If there was any question about my exoneration, we would be heading to a fourth trial."

Pappas insists that the motion was not an exoneration, saying Ellis' conviction "remain[s] undisturbed" in the eyes of the law.

The emotional rollar coaster proved a lot for some fans.

One person said: "Just watched the final episode of #Trial4 was actually crying for him. What a brave, calm, innocent soul."

A second added: "Wow Trial 4 is an emotional rollercoaster. Beautiful film. You really go through it with Sean Ellis. Through the heartache and the injustice. And the ending. I had literal goosebumps #Trial4"

A third remarked: "Watching Trial 4… I went from scared to enraged to happy to tears! Enraged again! I’m all over the place, but Rosemary Scapicchio is everything! Must watch!"

Fans of the docu-series might be disappointed as there is unlikely to be a second season.

The show ends in the present day with Ellis' case over. He now works at a Boston non-profit called Community Servings as a Development Associate.

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