'Nine Perfect Strangers' Finale Ending Could Make Room for Season 2

On Wednesday, Hulu released the final episode of Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1. In many ways, the series had a different ending than the book by Liane Moriarty. Since the show is a limited series, it’s possible that Nine Perfect Strangers won’t have a season 2. However, perhaps some changes were made to the finale to allow for the possibility of a second season.

[Spoilers ahead for the Nine Perfect Strangers finale and the book Nine Perfect Strangers]

Will there be a ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Season 2?

Nine Perfect Strangers is a miniseries, so it makes sense that there might not be a season 2. The finale wrapped the story up pretty nicely. Still, limited series are sometimes given a renewal. Nine Perfect Strangers director Jonathan Levine has told Hollywood Life that a second season is not impossible.

“Well, all I can say is that we told the story with a beginning, a middle, and an end,” he told the outlet. “I do think there’s definitely opportunity, like storytelling opportunities, to carry the story beyond that. I hope you will watch it and like it and if people like it enough to do more, I’ll be the first one to ask him [David E. Kelley] to do more.”

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ changed the ending for Ben and Jessica

In some ways, the final episode of Nine Perfect Strangers followed the book’s ending. However, the series changed things for Ben and Jessica in particular. In the book, the couple gets a happy ending, but they don’t stay together.

Lars is a divorce lawyer, and he helps the couple split their assets without going to court. Jessica enjoys her newfound life as a wealthy influencer. She becomes an “ambassador” for several charities and even tries out for The Bachelor. Ben goes back to work and eventually remarries and has a son.

So, if the book had a happy ending for Ben and Jessica, why did the series change it? In the series, Ben and Jessica stay together and use their wealth to buy Tranquillum House. Perhaps this change was made to create a new storyline. Season 2 could focus on Tranquillum House now being run by its new owners.

Some fans think the ending was Frances’ imagination

A fan theory about the Nine Perfect Strangers finale could also allow for a second season. The ending shows Frances and Tony at dinner. Frances writes on a piece of paper, and the scene flashes to a happy ending for all the Nine Perfect Strangers characters. Then the scene flashes back to Frances writing.

A fan on Reddit proposed that the happy endings storylines weren’t actually real. “That’s not the real ending. It’s just what Frances was writing about. Her imagination,” they said. If that’s the case, then season 1 has a more open ending, which could allow for the possibility of season 2.

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