Ozark season 4 predictions: Marty is killed off, Ruth takes out Navarro and Ben returns from the dead

IT was revealed back in June that hit Netflix series Ozark will end after season four.

Season three ended on an explosive note, with fans now wondering what will happen to the Byrde's and their associates in the final season.

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Fan forums and websites about the show are slowly filling up with new theories and predictions, here's some of the most popular.


Marty Byrde – played by Jason Bateman – has got himself and his family into plenty of dicey situations across the three seasons so far, and fans think his time is running out.

Writing on Reddit, one viewer said: "No way Marty makes it out of this alive. His whole thing has been doing all of this for his family.

"His entire character arc has been leading to him sacrificing himself for his family."

A fellow viewer agreed, writing: "Yeah I could definitely see him dying."

However another offered an alternate theory, saying: "He better sacrifice something. He's been waaaaaay too lucky so far.

"But I could also see him losing his wife/kids or the whole family and then going to prison rather than dying. That could be a fate worse than death."


Viewers were left shocked in season three when Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) sacrificed her brother Ben by giving his location to Helen.

He was then killed off-screen by a cartel hitman, but the very fact viewers didn't actually see his death with their own eyes leaves many of them convinced he faked his death and will reappear in season four.


Even if Ben isn't dead, his lover Ruth has enough reason to want revenge against Omar and the Mexican drug cartel.

It was Omar's money laundering that led to her killing her uncle, it was also one of his hitmen who took out her father.

And after she was brutally beaten, it was Omar's drug operation that prevented Marty from protecting and avenging her, so no one could blame her if she finally snapped and went in for the kill.


Local drug dealer Darlene certainly has some power, especially after laughing in the face of the Kansas City Mob.

However, taking on the Byrde's and – in turn – Omar and his Mexican drug cartel means Darlene is fighting a battle she can't win.

Omar won't take kindly to any kind of uprising, and Darlene is firmly placing herself in the firing line coming into season four.

Of her potential death, one viewer wrote on Reddit: "I think that’s inventible, a byrde kills Darlene, sparking the Langfords to seek revenge and carrying to a new generation."


Maya was introduced in season three as a pregnant FBI agent and forensic accountant and wants to take Marty down for money laundering and his other shady dealings.

Marty refuses her offer of a way out and instead, decides to turn her so she will work for him.

Fans think season four could see Maya cave and join forces with Marty and the Mexican drug cartel, with one writing on Reddit: "What the odds are of Maya becoming that attorney.

"Marty is playing the long con on trying to break her, and her character is being setup to be turned from the FBI."

However, another fan suggested a different theory, writing: "I could see a situation playing out where Maya gets too threatening to Marty and a hit is put out on her with the Byrdes taking the baby in temporarily."


Marty and Wendy's son Jonah has been through a lot so far, and season four could finally see him snap.

He has already threatened to kill Helen before finding out how horrible his mother is, and having been prone to violence before, this latest discovering could tip him over the edge.

Whether that becomes him taking things out on his own family or working for the drug cartel himself remains to be seen.

Ozark seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix

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