Pete Wicks reveals his ex Chloe Sims and 'half the Towie cast' unfollowed him after their split

TOWIE'S Pete Wicks has revealed his ex Chloe Sims and 'half the cast' have unfollowed him on social media following their split.

Chloe walked away from the couples' rocky romance during last year's Christmas TV special. 

In a Sun exclusive Pete, 32, told how he has not seen or spoken to Chloe, 38, since filming finished in December.

He also revealed his former lover and best-friend had since unfollowed him on social media along with her sisters and other cast members. 

Pete said: "Chloe and I haven't seen each other or spoken at all.

"She has unfollowed me on social media as have half the cast. 

"Chloe unfollowed me, her sisters Demi and Frankie have unfollowed me and apparently Tommy and Georgia have too. 

"I don't have a clue why. I didn't even know they had until someone told me. 

"It could just be they are sick of seeing me being a d**k on Instagram with Sam Thompson all the time or it could be something a lot deeper. 

"That's their choice. They can do what they want. I don't have a problem with anyone.

"What I will say is that the only people who can really have an opinion on me and Chloe are 'me and Chloe'. Other people don't know what happened so f**k them."

Last series shocked viewers discovered Pete and Chloe had been having an on-and-off secret romance for two-years. 

Their relationship came to an end during the Christmas Special when Pete told Chloe: "I can't be in a relationship, I can't give you what you want and I can't give you what you deserve and I know that."

Chloe then walked off during filming and according to Pete they haven't spoken since. 

"We haven't spoken since the end of filming the last series," he said."We haven't seen each other or spoken so I have no idea what is going to happen in this new series. 

"There is no point going back into what happened last time. I don't know if we will film together, if it's going to be awkward. I don't want it to be but obviously things are not good between us. 

"Not much has changed from my point of view. I still love her to bits."I think she is an amazing person and I miss her so much but something had to give. 

"We haven't spoken at all which is really sad because I have lost one of the people I was closest to in the world. 

"But we needed a circuit breaker. Things couldn't continue like they were.

"Despite the agg with his co-stars Pete said he was excited to return to next week.

He said: "I am not nervous about going back. I am in a really good place within myself. I am happy doing me and that's all anyone can do.  "I will continue to do Towie for as long as I enjoy it. 

"I'm still enjoying it so I don't have any plans to leave but I am just taking it day by day. 

“That's how I am treating life now. As soon as I'm not enjoying it I will leave but there's no plans at the moment."

The reality star was promoting Fubar Radio's The Dating Show, which he hosts with First Dates waitress Cici Coleman.

He joked: "All my relationships have been a disaster so I'm there to tell people what not to do."

The Dating Show airs on Fubar Radio 6-7pm every Friday.  

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