Piers Morgan rages after BBC replaces fishermen with gender neutral fisherpeople

PIERS Morgan flew into a rage on today's Good Morning Britain after discovering the BBC has replaced fishermen with the gender neutral term fisherpeople.

The outspoken TV star, 55, was lost for words after listening to a clip of the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler on Radio 4 discussing Brexit and the UK's fishing industry.

Katya's use of fisherpeople follows BBC style guidelines that say "men" should be left out of job roles that aren't exclusively male.

After listening to it for a second time, Piers held out his hands and yelled: "God's sake. Let it stop. Let it stop."

He was irked further after reading that a study had found just 2.7 per cent of fishermen are female.

He continued: "The BBC has Woman's Hour, has any man, apart from me as a joke, ever said you can't call it that?

"No, men don't think lie that. We're not wired that way. We don't care. It's utterly ridiculous."

Susanna Reid likened fisherpeople to a fairytale and said there was probably a better gender neutral term that could have been chosen.

Having claimed that women weren't keen on working on fishing trawlers, the GMB team tracked down a female fisherman.

Ashley Mullenger spoke from her boat in Nolfolk and admitted she'd never paid much thought to her job title.

She also said she was only aware of six women like her in the UK.

It drew praise from Piers, who said: "It is a joke, and that lady very brilliantly explained why it's a joke."

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