Piers Morgan reveals Colin Firth was set to play him in a movie of his life

PIERS Morgan has revealed A-List actor Colin Firth was set to play him in a movie about his life.

The 55-year-old dropped the shock bombshell that the star even called him up to express an interest in the role.

"I'll never forget this," Piers said on Good Morning Britain today.

"I was in a BlockBuster in Wandsworth after a story had come out saying 'Colin Firth fur' as he's linked to playing Piers Morgan' in a movie of my life.

"He rang me on my mobile phone and said 'Piers it's Colin Firth, we don't know each other but just on principle I never turn down work – whatever it is!'

"He said he would be very interested in playing me."

Not satisfied with having just one mega star play him, Piers added: "I wanted two Colins – Colin Firth by day and Colin Farrell by night."

Colin Firth, 60, is best known for his roles in Bridget Jones' Diary, Mamma Mia and The King's Speech.

It led to some very cheeky remarks from viewers who weren't sure Colin Firth was the right man for the job.

One said: "Wow, Colin Firth? He's going to need some prosthetics or double up on his meals to look the part."

Another added: "Not so sure about Colin firth @piersmorgan, however I think you look more like the bird lady from home alone."

Someone else said: "That would be a perfect lineup, and It would certainly be a good challenge as an actor for Colin Firth to portray your extreme arrogance!"

Elsewhere on today's fiery breakfast show, Piers shared a laugh with his co-host Susanna Reid over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's plans to launch their own comedy shows.

The Sun revealed yesterday that the couple are planning to make and sell funny programmes alongside dramas and thrillers.

However, Piers and Susanna could barely keep a straight face at the news.

Piers said: "Harry and Meghan are apparently going to start making comedy shows.

"This is in direct contrast to their own lives, which is of course nothing like a comedy show.

"So it'd be great to see them moving into comedy after the year they've had, which many of us would find rather comedic."

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