Piers Morgan reveals police have been called in after sick Twitter threats to ‘open him up’ – The Sun

PIERS Morgan has become involved in a police matter after Twitter threats were made against him in the name of a young man.

Kane Finch reported the tweet to the police, claiming it had been made in his name, allegedly by friends.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers was made aware of a tweet that read: "Just got my photo taken with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. What a complete c**t he is #shallopenhimup."

He shared it and added: "Awww, so brave! Next time, have the balls to say it to my face, you snivelling cowardly little twerp."

But Piers has now revealed that Mr Finch took the matter to local police after the presenter confronted him and he discovered the fake account.

"UPDATE: I just spoke to the real Kane Finch. He posted this photo to a WhatsApp group & one of his 'friends' then re-posted it (along with others) incl vile abuse to a fake Twitter a/c in his name. Now in hands of @sussex_police," shared Piers, adding: "Kane seems a nice guy, just needs better friends."

"The real Kane Finch reported it to the police. Nothing to do with me," he later told followers.

"He is extremely angry & upset about what his friend did to me, @JohnBarrowman & others."

The pictures were taken on Tuesday at the annual TRIC Awards, and other tweets from the now-defunct account include derogatory remarks towards Doctor Who star John Barrowman, and reality star Pete Wicks.

John had also reshared the original tweets, and later posted a video on Instagram in which he also revealed Sussex Police were now involved.

"I've just been told, I'm on the phone right now, that Kane was there and was having a great day and took those lovely pictures, and he posted them on a WhatsApp group with friends," said John.

"One of his awful friends created a fake account and posted all those pictures with all those horrible words not only to myself but to Piers Morgan and some of the Towie guys."

He added: "So I've taken down the posts immediately and apparently Kane Finch is in a bit of a state today and Sussex Police are now involved.

"I am sending my apologies for that last post and I took it down because we found out the truth, but here's the thing, bringing things like that to light you, you begin to find out the truth and who's behind it because the person who has done this to Kane now needs to understand what they have done is incredibly bad and wrong.

"Let's leave it in the hands of the authorities now."

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