Piers Morgan updates on vile yob who sent genuinely horrible death threats

Piers Morgan updated on the death threat situation which involved a "genuinely horrible death threat" sent to the former Good Morning Britain host and one of his sons.

The TV star, who is 57, isn't normally alarmed by what people have to say online but one message aimed at him and his son sent shivers and Piers knew at that point he had to take action.

According to reports at the time, the messages that were publicly expressed that he was "a marked man" and it was a "promise" that he would "getting killed".

It was claimed that messages were also issued to his 28-year-old son Spencer, telling him that he would "get it" if his father didn't.

Updating on the situation in a debate over whether Donald Trump should be reinstated with his Twitter account or not, the former newspaper editor host told US spokesperson Ben Ferguson the case was still ongoing.

On his new show Piers Morgan Uncensored, he said: "I was on Instagram when some vile yob, in this country in the UK posted a death threat to me and one of my sons on his Instagram page."

The ex-Life Stories host explained that after pursuing the case with police a charge was still yet to be delivered.

He added: "In fact, it’s going through the legal process now and it’s taken 16 months and there’s still been no charging decision."

The news anchor commented: "I was absolutely incensed that someone would target one of my kids like that with a genuinely horrible death threat and I’ve decided to pursue it."

Meanwhile, Piers set the record straight on Wednesday's programme after he'd seemingly faced backlash after an interview with the Taliban on his new TalkTv show.

Some media outlets had suspected that Ricky Gervais was not impressed with the interview that saw Piers clash with the Taliban official spokesman, who claimed that Afghan women do not have to wear the burqa.

A sharp Twitter user turned to comedian Ricky Gervais for his take on the interview, asking the After Life star: "What do you think about Piers Morgan interviewing the Taliban tonight? #disgusting?"

In reply, Ricky joked: "I've lost all respect for them," which racked up thousands of likes on the digital platform.

Hitting out, Piers outlined to his viewers that they had "missed the joke" and that Ricky was clearly not being serious as he slammed today's woke culture society.

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