Ricky Gervais admits After Life is ‘hardest thing he’s ever written’ and claims he kept in swearing on purpose – The Sun

RICKY Gervais has revealed his Netflix black comedy-drama After Life is the ‘hardest thing’ he’s ever written.

It comes as the 58-year-old comic recently confirmed there would be a season three after the second series went down a storm with fans.

The star has been inundated with positive messages and reviews from fans and critics alike – which has spurred him on to write some more.

But speaking with RadioTimes.com, Ricky admitted writing the show is the hardest thing he has ever done.

When asked about his previous writing, he said: “Extras was hard, because the ambition was bigger. But again, it’s easy to explore the narcissism and ego of actors and actresses. Derek was, again, quite easy… So I’d say After Life [is the hardest].”

Ricky plays widower Tony in the show who is trying to navigate life after the death of his wife, supported by friends, family, and his loyal pooch.

Fans previously revealed that they "couldn't stop crying" just five minutes into series two, with Ricky himself finding the scenes emotional to film – meaning that he could do them in just one take.

He told The Sun Online: "They're not that hard for me, if I feel it, if I mean it, if it feels real I can cry, just once and then you feel better, so they're all one take."

Discussing the appeal of his work, Ricky defended the bad language used in After Life during the interview, saying: “People appreciate it when you don’t patronise them.

He argued: “We second-guess people too much. Real life is worse! “Even the language thing… have you walked past a building site, to hear the language? Or a school?!

“So people can take it… and the more we water it down, the more anodyne it becomes, and I think people appreciate it when you don’t patronise them.”

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