Sandra Bullock Crashes Jennifer Aniston-Dolly Parton Interview with Tequila Shots

Shoutout to that friend who makes sure you’re never thirsty.

What better way to break up a long day of press interviews than by throwing back some tequila, right?

This week, Netflix held a junket for two of its upcoming original movies, "Dumplin’" and "Bird Box," with stars Jennifer Aniston, Dolly Parton and Sandra Bullock all in attendance.

While Bullock had her own room to promote her thriller, that didn’t stop her from wandering into Jen and Dolly’s with some much-needed refreshments.

"Oh my gosh, that’s what I was waiting for," Aniston excitedly said as Sandra walked in with a tray full of tequila shots and what appears to be margaritas.

It definitely took Dolly a second to realize their server was actually the A-list actress, but when she did, she exclaimed, "Oh, look who is here! Oh my god!"

"Are you for real? Is this real? Are we really? I can’t do this," Aniston said as Bullock handed out their beverages. "I’ll take a sip."

And sip she did, as the two other women and reporter Kit Hoover all threw back their shots. "I made it the way you like it mama," Bullock said with a laugh.

Aniston and Parton’s film, "Dumplin’", hits Netflix on Friday, while "Bird Box" drops December 21.

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