Sharleen Spiteri: Independent Scotland ‘can’t survive’ as ‘we don’t have the resources’

Nicola Sturgeon 'has no economic case for independence' says host

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The frontwoman for Scottish band Texas has been enjoying getting back out on the road in recent weeks as the group tour their new album, ‘Hi’.The Glasgow-born singer and guitarist, 53, will make her latest media appearance this weekend on ITV. Sharleen will be a guest on morning entertainment show, ‘Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best!’.

Presented by former Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp and his presenter son Roman, the programme has welcomed a string of celebrity guests.

Martin and Roman also put their father-son rivalry to the test in a series of light-hearted challenges.

Resident chef Shivi Ramoutar will also be on hand to help the duo hone their skills in the kitchen.

Sharleen, who lives in London’s Primrose Hill, is known for her captivating presence both onstage and in interviews.

The musician usually steers clear from controversial topics, although that hasn’t always been the case.

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A 2013 interview with the Daily Record saw her nail her colours to the mast in the Scottish independence debate.

Speaking ahead of the 2014 referendum – in which Scots rejected seceding from the UK – Sharleen revealed she was in favour of Scotland remaining part of the Union.

She said: “As far as I’m concerned, I’m British. And, yeah, I’m Scottish but I feel I’m part of the UK.

“I think it’s very important to have a Scottish government who makes decisions for Scotland but I can’t understand how Scotland would survive independently.

“We don’t have the resources – like oil and gas – we’d need to keep Scotland afloat.

“And to me, if you can’t survive, then what’s the point of breaking away?”

The star also opened up about how, based in London, she missed certain aspects of her life back north of the border.

She said: “I still have a house there but, when I’m at home in London, I do miss mad things like the Scottish water.

“We have soft water in Scotland, so you can have a bath with loads of bubbles and your skin feels like silk when you come out.

“I miss all the little things that you take for granted.”

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This week Scotland’s ruling SNP party reaffirmed its promise to deliver Scottish independence.

In a speech at Holyrood, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that her Government was now restarting work on a “detailed prospectus” to guide the country towards another vote on independence.

Ms Sturgeon said her ‘Programme for Government’ set out her administration’s “commitment” to a second independence referendum – often called Indyref2.

It comes after the Scottish leader won a majority at the Scottish Parliament elections in May after promising to deliver independence.

On Tuesday she said: “Our democratic mandate to allow people to decide the country’s future is beyond question.

“And at this juncture in history, it is essential that we consider the kind of country we want to be, and how best to secure it.”

Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Government would not hold Indyref2 until after the “COVID crisis has passed”.

She added that a new public vote “will be in the first half of this Parliament – before the end of 2023.”

The latest episode of Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best! will be shown on ITV from 8:30am – 9:25am on Saturday.

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