‘Shut up!’ Bradley Walsh slammed over The Chase mistake ‘Don’t know anything’

The Chase: Anne tells Bradley that Tin is an element

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants onto The Chase on Wednesday afternoon. Bob, Bernadette, Rebecca, and Kwasi were the players taking on Chaser Anne Hegerty in the hopes of winning a cash prize. However, during the ITV quiz show, some viewers were left angered by host Bradley.

Throughout the show, Bradley shared his thoughts on what he believed was the correct answer, however, on multiple occasions he was proved to be wrong.

This frustrated some viewers, with many taking to Twitter to complain about the presenter.

“Seriously Brad, shut up. You don’t know anything, we all know you don’t know anything, so please for the love of God stop proving it. #TheChase,” @RikLivetweet fumed.

“Bradley Walsh, ladies and gentlemen, showing his outstanding (lack of) knowledge. #TheChase,” @SenorApple2014 commented.

@MissMarrple said: “Think you need to go back to school, Bradley. #TheChase.”

“Oh give it a rest Bradley #thechase,” @Adderladders added.

“Are answers ‘fantastic answers’ when Bradley ends up disagreeing with the contestant and then gets it wrong? If so, I declare ALL answers are fantastic answers. #TheChase,” @Anonamandamous joked.

@MorcomDiane wrote: “#thechase Shut up, Brad. Taking the pee out of the contestant when he’s right all along.”

“WTF is Brad on tonight? So cringe. Glad I can only watch half this episode. #TheChase,” @mookstar10 said.

At one point during the quiz, Bradley asked the question: “Metal sculptures in Ancient Greece were typically made from what?”

Contestant Bob chose answered “bronze”, however, Bradley was convinced he’d got it wrong.

The quiz host was left stunned when it was revealed Bob had actually chosen the correct answer.

“Oh, you’re good Bob,” Bradley remarked. “What a player!”

“Bronze is an alloy as well,” Anne said, with the presenter questioning: “Is it?”

“Yeah, they both are,” Bob said, as The Chaser explained: “Bronze is copper and tin.”

“I didn’t know that,” Bradley confessed. “I thought tin was a bit of iron and a bit of something else.”

“It’s an element!” Anne exclaimed, stunned by the quiz host’s lack of knowledge.

“So, the tin mines in Cornwall… they actually do mean the tin mines?” Bradley asked.

Anne replied: “Well, yes. What did you think they meant?”

The presenter admitted: “I just thought it was a name they gave it. I didn’t realise you could actually mine tin.”

Anne said: “The whole of the British Isles used to be known as the Tin Islands to the Ancient Greeks.

“They have courts in Cornwall called Stannary Courts, from the Latin ‘stannum’ meaning tin,” she revealed.

“I didn’t know that,” Bradley said, with Anne replying: “Well, now you know.”

“This show’s great init?” The presenter remarked. “So, guys all you’ve got to remember when you’re having your fish fingers now, look at me and think ‘Well, I must go to school’.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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