Some 'Big Brother' Fans Think People Got Confused When Giving the Cast BB Bucks

Big Brother 23 fans got to affect the game through a big twist. But they’re now reacting to the results and have theories about them. This is why they think fans got confused, and that’s why one of the top winners got so many votes.

‘Big Brother’ houseguests got BB Bucks from fans

The new twists had fans voting to give houseguests BB Bucks in the game. They can then gamble to get the chance to have advantages in the game. 

These votes also show which houseguests are the most favored by fans. The top three who received the most votes got 100 BB Bucks, the next three received 75, and the rest got 50.

The Aug. 16 episode showed Britini D’Angelo, Derek Xiao, and Derek Frazier receiving 100 BB Bucks from fans. Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell, and Hannah Chaddha got 75 BB Bucks. Azah Awasum, Alyssa Lopez, Sarah Beth Steagall, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland Young got 50 BB Bucks.

Derek F, Claire, Sarah Beth, and Kyland decided to spend their money to compete in the veto derby for the chance to bet on another houseguest in the veto competition. If they win the bet, then they can win a second veto. The rest of the houseguest saved their bucks in hopes of using it later.

Some ‘Big Brother’ fans think people got confused when giving the cast BB Bucks

Some fans couldn’t believe the results of the fan votes. Some believe fans were confused by the names and said so in a Reddit thread. Derek F and Derek X have similar names, and fans couldn’t believe they got the same amount, specifically that Derek F got 100.

People still don’t know the difference between DF and DX do they lol,” one fan wrote.

“I really think that’s why they both got the highest amount of money. I think it was definitely due to confusion on initials or picking the wrong one,” another person wrote.

“I totally get why Britini and Derek X got the $100. What confused me was why Derek F got it too. What has he done that is even likeable? I wonder how many people got confused between F and X and accidentally voted for Derek F,” a third fan wrote.

It certainly is a theory, but it’s possible both Derek X and Derek F are gaining the most fans. Derek X has won multiple competitions and is outside of The Cookout alliance. Derek F is in the alliance, but he has been one of the most emotional houseguests in the alliance and threatened to leave the alliance recently.

Fans tend to love underdogs and want to help them in the game. Derek F is at the bottom of the alliance, although he doesn’t know it. He’s more likely to make it at the end because other Cookout members think it would be an easy win than because of his gameplay.

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