Superstore EP Addresses Jonah and Amy's Kids Discussion in Finale

Is Jonah Simms’ biological clock ticking? 

In Superstore‘s Season 4 finale, the Cloud 9 employee was caught off guard when girlfriend Amy suggested that she was done having children. This led to an awkward exchange between the series’ central couple that took place in front of the entire staff:

Amy: I’m never getting pregnant again, so…
Jonah: Sure, but other people might be— wait, never?
Amy: I don’t know.
Jonah: I mean, I don’t know where this is going, but…
Amy: I just, I haven’t thought about it.
Jonah: Yeah, I haven’t thought about it either, but it’s a conversation we should have at some point.
Amy: At some point, Jonah. Not this point.

This, of course, is a common TV trope: seriously involved couples being utterly blindsided by the kids discussion. But seeing as how Amy’s declaration was made in an episode as important as the season finale, it seemed relevant enough to ask series creator Justin Spitzer about it.

“Personally, I can say I saw it as a throwaway line,” he said. “It’s nothing that Amy has given any thought to… It’s just a joke — this weird, personal moment, like, ‘This is not the discussion we should be having now.’ I know some fans will probably read more into that than I meant for them to read into it.”

Whether or not Spitzer intended for the exchange to be taken in jest may very well be irrelevant moving forward. He has stepped aside as showrunner, with fellow EPs Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green set to oversee the show, beginning with Season 5 this fall.

Are you relieved that the kids discussion was only meant to be taken as a joke, or were you hopeful that it would lead to a larger talk in Season 5? Hit the comments with your reactions — and for more of our Season 4 finale post mortem with Spitzer, click here.

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