Survivor Alumni Launch Petition Demanding More Diversity on the Reality Series

He also said viewers "hated" his season.

"They were hating left and right. And then Jeff [Probst] publicly said he didn't like our season, which doesn't help. I thought that was socially irresponsible. So you're going to say you hate Fiji of all seasons, where it's an all-Black finale and the first African American male wins?" Cole added.

In a 2010 Entertainment Weekly interview, Probst ranked Fiji as his third-least favorite season, saying "If it weren't for Yau-Man and Dreamz, this might have edged out Thailand as the worst season ever. No offense, Earl, but as nice a guy as you are in real life, the charisma didn't carry on screen."

Another panel, called "Tribes and Tribulations: A Conversation on the African-American Reality Television Experience," featuring Holmes, Johnston, Taylor, Ramona Gray Amaro, Jamal Shipman, Julia Carter and Russell Swan will air Friday night.

Survivor first premiered in 2000. The show wrapped up its 40th season in April.

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