Ted Lasso's Official Infamous Biscuit Recipe You Just Have to Try

It’s hard to say why Ted Lasso is such a hit. Maybe it has something to do with the universality of feeling out of place. After all, Ted himself, the titular character, is woefully out of place. However, instead of getting angry or feeling defeated, Ted makes the best of his slightly uncomfortable situation. That’s something fans admire and part of the show’s undeniable charm. On-screen, Ted wins over his reluctant coworkers with delicious cookies or biscuits. According to The Kitchn, anyone can make Ted’s famous biscuits at home. 

‘Ted Lasso’ is a runaway hit 

Most shows take a few seasons to warm up. Many big-name sitcoms were notoriously bad or mediocre in their first season. For example, The Office almost didn’t last after its first season, but the second season was good enough to save the show. Ted Lasso isn’t one of those shows. Maybe it has something to do with the binge-ability of the Apple TV+ hit, but it was renewed for a second season almost immediately. Fans loved it after the first run of episodes. Now, the streaming giant has ordered a third season of the sporty sitcom. 

Ted Lasso is a football coach who is hired to coach football. It doesn’t sound like a great premise for a sitcom, but there’s a twist. Ted is from Kansas, and he’s hired to coach in the U.K. Yes, Ted Lasso is coaching the wrong kind of football. Or the right kind, depending on what side of the Atlantic you live on. A mean ex-wife hired him in an attempt to sabotage the team, but he’s not about to let that happen. 

Rebecca loves these biscuits 

Obviously, no one was expecting an American football coach to show up in the U.K., and Ted’s colleagues were less than thrilled that he didn’t have a great understanding of how the game of football, or rather soccer, is played. His way of winning them over? Cookies. The first person he tries to win over is the person who hired him, Rebecca Welton. That should be easy. After all, Rebecca is the whole reason Ted ended up as the coach of AFC Richmond. However, Rebecca wants to destroy the team, which is why she brought in such an inappropriate coach. 

Rebecca might disagree with Ted’s goals for the team, but she can’t help but love his biscuits, or rather his shortbread cookies. He brings them to her daily in a pink box. She begs him to tell her where he buys them, but it turns out Ted whips these up in his own kitchen. Now, fans can too. 

Here is the infamous ‘Ted Lasso’ biscuit recipe 

According to the actor who plays Rebecca, the real biscuits on-screen are tasteless and disgusting. However, Apple TV+ released the real recipe to The Kitchn, which published it for all their readers to try. Surprisingly, this cookie only has a few ingredients. Fans need flour, butter, powdered sugar, and just a bit of salt. It’s the preparation that makes these biscuits special. 

Shortbread needs some special prep that can only be achieved with a standing mixer. Beat the powdered sugar and butter first, then add flour and salt. These cookies are made in a pan. Once the dough is ready, fans will need to spread it relatively thin, less than an inch. The pan and dough go into the fridge to cool down quickly before slicing them up into squares. Ted gives Rebecca his biscuits in long rectangles, but the shape is up to the maker. They take about an hour in the oven before they’re perfect and ready for their pink box. 

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