Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason mocked for lip-syncing in 'painful' TikTok

FANS mocked ex Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason for their “painful” new TikTok video.

The couple re-created an old viral video which saw the two trying to decide what to do that day.

The original video featured one guy having a chat with himself about how to spend his day, using a comical voice for each side of the conversation.

Jenelle and David used the original sound and each lip-synched a side of the conversation, which first had the Teen Mom asking, “What should we f***in’ dah?”

Then David mouthed in response, “I don’t f***in nah,” and the two went back and forth about how they never know what to do.

In the caption, the mother-of-three wrote: “Sundays be like… 💭 @easondavid #MarriedLife”

Fans slammed the reality stars for the “painful” video and how they somehow made it not even funny.

One Reddit user commented, “Somehow she manages to make everything NOT funny,“ while a second said that she and David “suck at life and at these.”

Another fan wrote: “Watching this is somehow more excruciatingly painful than the AWFUL toothache I’m currently dealing with.”

Others blasted the fired Teen Mom stars for claiming to have nothing to do when they have four kids between them.

“Normal parents- it’s nice out, I’ll take the kids to a park,” wrote one Redditer. “Jenelle- I’m going to spend all morning getting ready and filming a tik tok about how I have nothing to do.”

One user sarcastically suggested, “Maybe hang out with your kids,” while another said, “Four kids but nothing to do. So relatable.”

Jenelle is mom to sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, 6, daughter Ensley, 4, and stepdaughter Maryssa, 13.

She has often been slammed for her various TikTok videos, which have included her lip-synching to songs, dancing in swimsuits and lingerie, and making “unhealthy” meals for her kids.

Over the weekend, Jenelle continued to treat TikTok as her dance floor showcasing her latest twerk-filled routine.

She wore a pair of short-shorts, a white T-shirt, and baseball cap as she strutted to the lyrics: "Shake that a** for the camera."

The video, the Teen Mom confessed, was squeezed in as she whipped up dinner for the family.

Jenelle was recently slammed for making breakfast for herself and her kids, as fans deemed the bacon, sausage, white bread and gravy meal as unhealthy.

The MTV alum showed daughter Ensley, 4, diving into a large plate of it for her breakfast and joked: "And they eat five times before this, I'd just like to point out."

Critics were quick to brand Jenelle as a "horrible mother" and accused her of consistently feeding her kids "unhealthy" meals.

Jenelle was quick to clap back at haters of this meal and of her eating biscuits and gravy, saying their "don't eat this every single morning."

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